Operational Policy Manual for Regulatory Authorities

Note: The Operational Policy Manual for Regulatory Authorities has been updated to include a chapter on Assessment and Rating. This new chapter replaces the Guide to Assessment and Rating for Regulatory Authorities.

This manual is designed to help authorised officers and regulatory authorities apply the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations consistently.

The manual is not legal advice. It should be read in conjunction with the National Law and Regulations, which take precedence over any guidance in the manual.

Within the manual are references to other resources which may be helpful. ACECQA and regulatory authorities do not endorse these resources or check their reliability.

Important: Please do not print this manual. It has been designed as an online document and will be regularly updated. You can download a free program for viewing PDFs in Adobe Reader X

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IntroductionGives a brief overview of the contents of the manual and how it is intended to be used

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Good regulatory practiceSets out the objectives of the National Law. It includes good practice regulation principles and the principles of administrative decision-making which regulatory authorities have agreed will guide their work.View chapter
Applications and approvalsProvides information about processing applications for provider approval, service approval, waivers and supervisor certificates. It also includes information about processing applications to use indoor space as outdoor space, and to include verandahs as indoor space.View chapter
Operational requirementsSets out the requirements for operating an education and care service, including the responsibilities of approved providers, nominated supervisors, and family day care educators. It includes guidance for regulatory authorities to help determine whether operational requirements are being complied with.View chapter
Monitoring, compliance and enforcementProvides information and guidance about monitoring for compliance with the National Law and Regulations. It also includes guidance about using the compliance tools and powers available under the legislation.View chapter
FeesDescribes fees payable to regulatory authorities.View chapter
ReviewsProvides information about decisions that are subject to internal review by the regulatory authority, or external review by a court or tribunal. It also provides broad guidance about administrative review by an Ombudsman, and a person’s right to judicial review.View chapter

Assessment and Rating

Provides information about the assessment and rating process.

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Defines key terms used in this manual.

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Appendix One

Family Day Care Protocol

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