Quality Area 5 - Relationships with children

The Quality Area Relationships with children is about building relationships with children at education and care services that are responsive and respectful and promote children’s sense of security and belonging.

These relationships allow children to freely explore their environment and engage in play and learning.

Quality Area 5: Standards and elements

Relationships with children

Standard 5.1Respectful and equitable relationships are developed and maintained with each child.
Element 5.1.1Interactions with each child are warm and responsive and build trusting relationships.
Element 5.1.2Every child is able to engage with educators in meaningful, open interactions that support the acquisition of skills for life and learning.
Element 5.1.3Each child is supported to feel secure, confident and included.
Standard 5.2Each child is supported to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships with other children and adults.
Element 5.2.1Each child is supported to work with, learn from and help others through collaborative learning opportunities.
Element 5.2.2Each child is supported to manage their own behaviour, respond appropriately to the behaviour of others and communicate effectively to resolve conflicts.
Element 5.2.3The dignity and the rights of every child are maintained at all times


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Additional information about the quality area, standards and elements can be found in the Guide to the National Quality Standard.