Quality Area 4 - Staffing arrangements

The aim of Quality Area 4 under the National Quality Standard is to ensure the provision of qualified and experienced educators, coordinators and nominated supervisors who are able to develop warm, respectful relationships with children, create safe and predictable environments and encourage children’s active engagement in the learning program.

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Staffing arrangements

Standard 4.1Staffing arrangements enhance children’s learning and development and ensure their safety and wellbeing.
Element 4.1.1Educator-to-child ratios and qualification requirements are maintained at all times.
Standard 4.2Educators, co-ordinators and staff members are respectful and ethical.
Element 4.2.1Professional standards guide practice, interactions and relationships.
Element 4.2.2  


Educators, co-ordinators and staff members work collaboratively and affirm, challenge, support and learn from each other to further develop their skills and to improve practice and relationships. 
Element 4.2.3Interactions convey mutual respect, equity and recognition of each other’s strengths and skills.


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Additional information about the quality area, standards and elements can be found in the Guide to the National Quality Standard.


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