All you need to know about waivers

Thursday 29 August, 2013

Waivers play an important role in helping providers maintain their level of service to families while adjusting to the National Quality Framework (NQF) or dealing with unexpected events.

What types of waivers are available?

An education and care provider can apply for either a service waiver or a temporary waiver.

A service waiver has no specific expiry date and a temporary waiver applies for no more than 12 months.

How do you apply for a waiver?

All applications for waivers must be submitted on a SA08 Application for Service or Temporary Waiver form.  Forms can be submitted either electronically using the NQAITS System or in hard copy to your regulatory authority.

How are waiver applications processed?

Regulatory authorities are responsible for considering applications for waivers and will only approve a waiver when the provider demonstrates:

  • genuine difficulty in meeting the requirements of the NQF
  • children’s safety, health and well-being is not compromised or at risk
  • a plan is in place for the service to meet the requirements by the time the waiver is due to expire.

How long will it take to assess my application?

A complete application will be assessed within 60 days.  Incomplete applications will be returned to providers for further information.

Can a waiver be revoked?

Yes.  A regulatory authority can revoke a waiver at any time.

If a service has a waiver can they still achieve a quality rating?

Yes.  If a service is operating with a waiver it can still achieve a ‘meeting’ or ‘exceeding’ rating under the National Quality Standard.

Last updated on Thursday 29 August, 2013