Educational Leadership - National Education Leader presentation

"We have the tools to support quality improvement, we have inspirational leaders guiding practice in services and now we have the forum to break new ground as we strive to support you in your role, our first generation of educational leaders".

ACECQA's National Education Leader, Rhonda Livingstone, presented to the Educational Leaders Western Australia Forum on the role and exciting future of educational leaders.

Rhonda explored how educational leaders drive quality practice by working to lead, coach, mentor and inspire educators towards continuous improvement and delivering quality outcomes for children and families.

While the presentation was developed for the Western Australia Forum the messaging is relevant to all educational leaders, which is why Rhonda wanted to share it with you. The presentation runs for approximately half an hour and includes audio, video and slide components. In the presentation Rhonda makes reference to a handout which was available to participants at the forum, the handout is available through this link. You can pause, stop and rewind the presentation as needed, using the menu options, to allow you the opportunity to reflect on the information.

Two worksheets are referenced during the presentation, click on the below links to download these:

ACECQA's Top Ten Resources

Provocations worksheet

See our National Education Leader page for more information and resources.