National Education Leader

Rhonda Livingstone provides insight into National Quality Framework topics of interest and information on upcoming events.

National Educational Leaders Association Meeting

ACECQA's National Education Leader, Rhonda Livingstone, has been invited by the Educational Leaders Association to deliver a presentation for a National Educational Leaders meeting, Monday 5 December.  

Educational leaders across the country will simultaneously access the online presentation and workbook. The event will allow a rich professional dialogue to occur within the groups taking part. It’s an opportunity to share perspectives on the educational leader role, noting the similarities and differences influenced by the service context and location, and the educators working at the service. 

Rhonda will explore how educational leaders drive quality practice by working to lead, coach, mentor and inspire educators towards continuous improvement and delivering quality outcomes for children and families. The session will look at national assessment and rating data, leadership research and theory as well as highlight qualities and practices of effective leaders.

While the presentation is designed for the online meeting, you can watch it at any time.  It will run for approximately half an hour and include audio and slide components. Rhonda will make reference to a workbook that contains activities and reflective questions to work through and discuss during the presentation.

You can pause, stop and rewind the presentation as needed, using the menu options, to allow you the opportunity to reflect on the information.