Promote your rating

NQS rating logos

ACECQA, in collaboration with state and territory regulatory authorities and the Australian Government, has designed a logo to support services to promote their overall rating. Use or display of the logos is voluntary.  The logos do not replace the ratings certificate that all assessed and rated services must display.

Services that have achieved an overall rating of Working Towards, Meeting or Exceeding the National Quality Standard (NQS) can request their NQS rating logo on the national registers. 

How to request your logo

Step 1. Visit National Registers and find your service
Step 2. Click More details
Step 3. Click Request Logo
Step 4. Fill in your details and read the Terms and Conditions of use
Step 5. ACECQA will securely send the logo files and accompanying brand guidelines to the service's email registered in the NQA IT System.
Step 6. To update your service's email address, log into the NQA IT System, click on your service and scroll to the Name and Contact Details section. Click edit and update necessary details.

ACECQA has also developed a ratings chart to help services visually represent their rating in each of the seven quality areas. You can access the ratings chart by following steps 1 to 2 above.

The quality ratings on the national registers will update approximately two weeks after the service receives its final assessment and rating report. This is to allow for the 14 day period in which a review of the quality ratings can be requestedThe correct logo will be made available at this time.

It is an offence under the Education and Care Services National Regulations to give a false or misleading statement about your NQS rating (regulation 72). If you have any questions about the usage of the NQS rating logos, please contact ACECQA.  

Share information with families

Helping families understand the context of the National Quality Standard (NQS) can support families to better understand your service’s strengths, and goals for improvement.

The NQS:

  • is informed by research about best practice 
  • is designed to encourage ongoing quality improvement
  • includes assessment and rating of services in seven key areas, including the education program, health and safety, physical environment, staffing, relationships with children, families and communities, and the management of the service.

For families this means greater individual care for children, and better support for children’s learning and development. Most services will receive one of the three middle ratings below. 

To find out more about the NQS and how you can share information with families visit, Starting Blocks, ACECQA’s family friendly resource.  

Find and contact local media

We have prepared a simple media release template and how-to-guide to help you tell as many as people as possible about your service’s rating. 

How to use the ratings media release

Example rating media release

Exceeding media release template

Meeting media release template

Working Towards media release template