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ACECQA's Newsletters have the latest news and information on the National Quality Framework and the children's education and care sector. You can find editions of the ACECQA Newsletter below in Resources.

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ACECQA Newsletters 2017

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 1 2017

  • Bush Kinder
  • ACECQA Board Chair and Deputy Chair announced
  • New ACECQA CEO appointed
  • Promote your rating to families and the community
  • Quality Practice Workshop registrations open for WA 
  • Ten new services join the Excellent rating list 
  • Minor amendment to National Regulations

ACECQA Newsletters 2016

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 12 2016

  • From soaring towers to inclusive playscapes
  • ACECQA farewells inaugural CEO Karen Curtis
  • How to find a vocational education and training course that is right for you
  • ACECQA’s Occasional Paper 3
  • NQA ITS changes are here
  • New updates to online resources
  • ACECQA Annual Report available online
  • ACECQA online testing activity

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 11 2016

  • Helping families understand quality
  • More than 70% of services rated at Meeting NQS or higher
  • Is technology changing or challenging the way we think?
  • Planning ahead with Starting Blocks
  • 2016 is drawing to a close, let’s celebrate
  • How do you know if you’re qualified?
  • NQA ITS changes are coming

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 10 2016

  • New NQS rating logos for education and care services
  • Building Belonging: A toolkit for early education educators on cultural diversity and responding to racial prejudice
  • ACECQA Board extends recognition as an equivalent early childhood teacher
  • Staffing for quality outcomes for children
  • Launching our new information sheet series
  • Did you miss 'The role of the educational leader' blog series?
  • Nominations open for the Australian Family Early Education & Care Awards
  • ACECQA's Reconcilation Action Plan (RAP)
  • National Children's Week
  • SkillsIQ discussion paper and surveys
  • Sponsored educators attend ECA National Conference

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 9 2016

  • Inspiring excellent practice
  • Are you 'taken to be' an Early Childhood Teacher? Changes are coming
  • Did you miss our 'Unpacking the planning cycle' blog series? 
  • New handy fact sheet
  • Productivity Commission releases draft report on early childhood and school education data
  • ACECQA Forum brings sector together

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 8 2016

  • Why are we so afraid to march to the beat of our own drum? 
  • NQF Snapshot shows continuous improvement
  • First impressions count
  • Fact sheet for families
  • National Workshop in ACT
  • Changes to NQA ITS
  • Announcement of ACECQA CEO departure
  • ACECQA's Occasional Paper series
  • National Education and Care Services Ombudsman reappointed 

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 7 2016

  • Exploring and connecting with nature
  • Children's rights - are they respected?
  • National Workshops return 2016-17
  • Sniffle season is here...
  • ACECQA speaker requests
  • It's time to slow down, reflect and feel proud
  • ACECQA's operational activity data

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 6 2016

  • Analysing Quality Area 2 - Children's Health and Safety
  • 'A day in the life' - ACECQA's Enquiries team
  • ACECQA chats with three award-nominated early childhood educators
  • Reflecting on your service philosophy
  • Inclusion and Professional Support Program update
  • Recognition of excellence in our sector
  • ACECQA submission to Productivity Commission Education Evidence Base Inquiry
  • New Starting Blocks infographic
  • Annual fee invoices issued

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 5 2016

  • NQF Snapshot includes reassessment data and interactive content
  • Family Day Care Australia release research report
  • Assessment and rating for family day care service providers
  • Developing your QIP
  • Going digital - engaging with families
  • We want to hear your thoughts about ACECQA's social media and newsletter
  • Time is running out for NSW early childhood teachers to become accredited
  • Every Toddler Talking trial
  • National Workshop registrations open for NSW and Victoria
  • Annual Fees

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 4 2016

  • Beyond the Fence – extending children’s experiences outdoors
  • Risk – Testing boundaries
  • Productivity Commission to study how education data is collected and used
  • Starting Blocks launches advanced Find Child Care website functionality
  • Annual fees coming soon
  • Translated information for family day care providers and educators
  • Register for Tasmania and NSW National Workshops
  • National project examines children’s wellbeing
  • One in five children developmentally vulnerable
  • Choosing a training or education provider
  • Universal access to early childhood education

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 3 2016

  • Celebrating diversity at Larapinta Preschool
  • New target to Close the Gap
  • Design and technology in children's education and care
  • Keeping children safe
  • Appointing those in management or control 
  • Renewing your first aid qualification 
  • Top research picks
  • Register for South Australia, Tasmania and NSW workshops
  • Australian Family Early Education & Care Awards

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 2 2016

  • Giving children a voice in their community
  • Planning cultural activities in your service?
  • Calendar for days of cultural significance
  • National Workshops to visit NT, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania
  • Review of training providers
  • Discussion paper on quality of assessment in vocational training
  • NQF continues to set a higher benchmark in children's education and care
  • Professional recognition for NSW early childhood teachers
  • Benefits of intergenerational programs
  • Nominations open for Australian Family Early Education & Care Awards

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 1 2016

  • Sustainability in children's education and care
  • Sharing children's learning
  • Research paper analyses results for Quality Area 1 of the NQS
  • Top research picks
  • National Workshops visit WA and NT 
  • Have you shared Starting Blocks with your families?

ACECQA Newsletters 2015

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 12 2015

  • Celebrate, reflect and plan
  • A smooth transition from pre-school to school
  • How ratios are calculated
  • Does your service have a complaints handling strategy?
  • Administrative burden for services decreasing over time
  • ACECQA’s annual report available online
  • Submissions open on the Family Assistance Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
  • Incorporating inclusion in your programs
  • ACECQA has moved

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 11 2015

  • Run your own workshop using ACECQA's new webcast
  • Educator qualification requirements
  • What to do if a serious incident happens at your service
  • Improved ratios to start 1 January 2016
  • New data highlights emerging trends in early childhood education and care services
  • A journey of embedding culturally inclusive practice
  • Play-based learning and intentional teaching
  • 2015-16 National Workshops

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 10 2015

  • The transition to school
  • Meeting new educator to child ratios 
  • Empowering children - National Children's Week 2015
  • Embracing the assessment and rating process
  • ACECQA's National Consistency Strategy and Implementation Plan 2015-16
  • New Starting Blocks infographics
  • Professional recognition for NSW ECTs

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 9 2015

  • Benefits of higher educator to child ratios
  • ACE your approach to assessment and rating
  • Out with the old - transitional regulations ending 31 December 2015
  • ACT National Workshop
  • Role of dispositions when a child transitions to school 
  • What to consider if your service has volunteers or students on placement 

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 8 2015

  • Getting ready for new educator to child ratios
  • Making sure your service meets state and territory legislation requirements
  • NQF Snapshot shows almost two-thirds of services assessed and rated
  • Notice period for family day care educator visits
  • National Workshops wrap up
  • The young and the old - seeing the world through each other's eyes

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 7 2015

  • Using digital touch technologies to support children's learning 
  • Sharing culture through stories
  • Opening a new service 
  • Free AEDC resources
  • Establishing healthy lifestyle habits 
  • ACECQA chats with award-nominee Queensland family day care educator
  • ACECQA National Workshops come to Queensland
  • New podcast series on documentation

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 6 2015

  • New podcast series on documentation
  • Be part of Reconciliation
  • Starting Blocks - the guide to early education and care for new parents and families
  • Developing a culture of reflective practice
  • Registration for Early Childhood Teachers  
  • Including every child
  • National workshops visit Queensland
  • Australian Familiy Early Education and Care Awards announced

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 5 2015

  • The great outdoors and the role of play in sustainability
  • How do we document - Albury Out of School Hours
  • Mixed age ratios in centre-based services
  • Annual fees due
  • New online module on qualification assessments
  • Keeping it on the record
  • ACECQA's national workshops coming to Queensland
  • NQF Snapshot Q1 2015 released

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 4 2015

  • Families' first steps into early childhood education and care
  • Sharing information with families about the NQF
  • Keeping it on the record
  • Growing and learning with Amata Anangu Preschool
  • How to have your service's rating reviewed
  • Annual fees
  • Victorian registration for early childhood teachers
  • Getting started online with the NQA IT System
  • Review of the National Partnership Agreement update
  • Registrations open for NSW national workshops
  • Tickets on sale for the Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards Gala

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 3 2015

  • Evaluating wellbeing, development and learning in OSHC
  • Reviewing your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 
  • Driving Miss Daisy…Safely 
  • Screen time – getting the balance right
  • Safe sleeping practices  
  • H is for Harmony Day 
  • NQF video resources 
  • Nominate for the Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 2 2015

  • Sector Snapshot shows NQF continues to drive improvement
  • A quick guide to your assessment and rating visit  
  • Paperwork for services reducing overtime
  • What do I need to display?
  • Glossary of terms from the Frameworks
  • Building a reflective culture at your service
  • On the road: 2015 National Workshops on educational program and practice
  • Nominations open for Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards
  • Productivity Commission final report released

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 1 2015

  • Hot topic: Authorised officers
  • Educator qualifications
  • Who do I ask?
  • Plan your adventure
  • Service health check
  • Promoting your service's quality rating
  • 2015 National Workshop dates
  • Service statement of philosophy

ACECQA Newsletters 2014

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 16 2014

  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • Have your say on the Regulation Impact Statement
  • Western Australia makes national regulation amendments
  • Tips for the Christmas and New Year break
  • National Workshops wrap up for 2014 
  • ACECQA Newsletter survey results are in
  • ACECQA's 2013-14 annual report published 

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 15 2014

  • One giant leap together
  • Understanding educator-to-child ratios
  • Regulation Impact Statement consultation sessions continue
  • Do you need to apply for a waiver? 
  • ACECQA's National Workshops visit Canberra 
  • Can we help you? 
  • ACECQA's latest NQF Snapshot now available 
  • Reminder: ACECQA Newsletter survey - we want to hear from you

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 14 2014

  • Be part of Regulation Impact Statement consultation sessions

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 13 2014

  • National Children's Week
  • National Workshops kick off in Tasmania
  • More services join the Excellent rating list
  • New Board for ACECQA
  • ACECQA Newsletter survey - we want to hear from you 

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 12 2014

  • ACECQA responds to Productivity Commission's draft report 
  • Food for thought
  • Reviewing your service's first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis qualifications
  • New Educational Leader web page 
  • Notifying about a serious incident 
  • ACECQA awards ACT's first Excellent rating 
  • Scheduled maintenance for the NQA ITS
  • Reminder: ACECQA National Workshops 

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 11 2014

  • Latest NQF Snapshot shows services continue to meet and exceed higher standards 
  • National Workshop series launched
  • One, two what can we do? Exploring literacy and numeracy with young children
  • Embedding cultural competence in everyday practice
  • New Ministerial Advisory Council announced
  • Number of Excellent services continues to grow
  • Reminder individual supervisor certificates no longer required 
  • ACECQA and ECA join forces to demystify documentation 
  • Read our blog post on the importance of qualifications 
  • Have your say on Productivity Commission draft report 

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 10 2014 

  • What does it mean to be culturally competent?
  • Need some help in understanding what it means to be culturally competent?
  • NAIDOC Week 6-13 July 2014
  • Services continuing to excel
  • What's new?
  • Regulatory authorities issue new service supervisor certificates

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 9 2014

  • Taking an active role in the environment and promoting a sustainable future
  • Setting the bar for sustainability
  • World Environment Day
  • Resources supporting Quality Area 3: Physical Environment
  • Are you qualified? Try our new online Qualifications Checker
  • Lead assessor workshop at ACECQA
  • We Hear You
  • 2014 Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards Winners
  • Annual fee invoices issued

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 8 2014

  • Reminder: amendments to the National Regulations are now in effect
  • Be part of the 2014 NQF review consultation sessions

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 7 2014

  • Changes to the National Regulations
  • 2014 NQF Review
  • NQF Snapshot Q1 2014 released
  • Medical conditions policy
  • Long Day Care Professional Development Programme
  • Australia Family Early Education and Care Awards
  • ACECQA visits Tasmania

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 6 2014

  • Ministers agree on changes to support NQF implementation
  • More flexible timeframes for assessment and rating
  • New and updated resources for your assessment and rating
  • The assessment and rating report template
  • What to expect from your assessment and rating visit

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 5 2014

  • Harmony Day
  • Reviewing your Quality Improvement Plan
  • Authorised officer training
  • Two children’s education and care services that have been awarded the Excellent rating

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 4 2014

  • Queensland services demonstrating excellence
  • Second tier review decisions available
  • Online resources for your service
  • Jindi Woraback’s QIP encourages children to contribute

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 3 2014

  • NQF Mythbusters
  • How to promote your service’s rating
  • New posters for Outside School Hours Care services

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 2 2014

  • NQF continues to raise quality standards
  • First Outside School Hours Care service rated Excellent
  • Productivity Commission Inquiry
  • New NQF posters translated
  • Tips to use new online qualifications tool

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 1 2014

  • Wynnum Family Day Care awarded Excellent rating
  • ACECQA introduces its first National Education Leader
  • Report of cutting NQF ‘red tape’ published
  • Wave II Regulatory Burden Survey launch
  • WA amendments to the National regulations effective from 31 Dec 2013

ACECQA Newsletters 2013

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 22 2013

  • First Excellent rating awarded in NSW
  • Fast Facts – 2014 qualification requirements
  • Will you meet 2014 qualifications requirement?  Need to apply for a waiver?
  • Improved educator to child ratios
  • 2013 Achievements

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 21 2013

  • Sector comes together at ACECQA Forum
  • Ministers agree to NQF operational changes
  • Fast Facts – 2014 qualification requirements
  • Will you meet 2014 qualifications requirements?  Need to apply for a waiver?
  • NQF Conference video resources

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 20 2013Consistency edition

  • New ratings chart launched
  • New online tools to help with qualifications
  • NQF Conference Consistency breakout sessions
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Excellence Tour in Western Australia

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 19 2013Quality edition

  • ACECQA’s latest NQF snapshot now available
  • More NQF Conference resources online
  • Early Years Learning Framework translated
  • Your choice of guidelines for managing health issues

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 18 2013Excellence edition

  • ACECQA’s Excellence Tour kicks off in South Australia
  • Could you be Excellent?
  • NQF Conference resources

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 17 2013

  • NQF Conference resources
  • Educators seminar in South Australia
  • Let’s Read poster series

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 16 2013Qualifications edition

  • New educations and care qualifications
  • New ECT qualifications
  • New prescribed units for educators to be ‘actively working towards’ an ECT qualification
  • Levelling overseas qualifications
  • Updated list of approved certificate III competencies
  • ACECQA’s qualification assessment guidelines

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 15 2013Special Conference edition

  • NQF Conference opens
  • Excellent tour coming to a town near you
  • Conference dinner
  • Breakout sessions
  • Great ideas showcase
  • First four Excellent rated services celebrated
  • Keynote addresses
  • Scholarship delegates enjoying NQF Conference
  • New NQF Video resources available

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 14 2013

  • Australia’s first Excellent rated services
  • Could your service be Excellent?
  • NQF Conference resources
  • New Infant Sale Sleeping Child Care Kit
  • Teacher registration requirements
  • NQF Conference news

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 13 2013

  • Qualification requirements for 2014
  • Early childhood teacher changes for 2014
  • Do you think your services will need a waiver?

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 12 2013

  • Amendments to the National Regulations to come into effect 1 September 2013
  • Guest post: Montessori and our NQF Journey
  • Communicating with families

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 11 2013

  • ACECQA’s latest NQF Snapshot now available
  • NQF Conference Delegate Scholarship and Travel Assistance
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day
  • HECS-HELP Benefit

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 10 2013

  • ACECQA visits Western Australia
  • NQF poster available in other languages
  • ACECQA celebrates NAIDOC week
  • Reminder: submitting application and notification forms
  • ACECQA’s working relationships
  • Did you know: qualification assessment

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 9 2013

  • Last chance for conference tickets
  • Five fast facts: qualification requirements for 2014
  • Early childhood teacher changes for 2014

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 8 2013

  • New posters and postcards for services
  • Annual invoices arriving soon
  • Guest post: Embracing natural spaces and communicating with families
  • New services desk for the National IT System
  • New application forms for qualification assessments

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 7 2013Special edition

  • Sharing the NQF story – early bird registration
  • Workshop session snapshot
  • Keynote presenters

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 6 2013

  • National registers now available
  • ACECQA’s first quality snapshot
  • Five fast facts: national registers
  • Apply now for the Excellent rating
  • Mandatory display of ratings at services
  • New information resources for services

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 5 2013

  • National registers coming soon
  • What else happens when the National Law is proclaimed?
  • When did you last update your Quality Improvement Plan?
  • Excursions in school holidays
  • Research project underway

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 4 2013

  • ACECQA in Melbourne
  • Committee formed to shape ACECQA research agenda
  • The role of waivers in the NQF
  • Hot topic: is a ‘learning book’ a record that must be kept?
  • Guest post: lead assessors

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 3 2013

  • ACECQA Forum brings sector together
  • Did you know? Hard copies of the National Law and Regulations
  • Study into administrative costs
  • Hot topic: educational leader
  • Blog post: regulation in children’s education and care services
  • New National Children’s Commissioner

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 2 2013

  • Lead assessor training at ACECQA
  • Updates to qualification lists
  • Five fast facts: assessment and rating
  • New edition of Staying Healthy in Child Care
  • Did you know? Service ratings

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 1 2013

  • Building on 2012: keeping QIPs up to date
  • NQF updates for 2013 and beyond
  • Guest post: family day care assessment visit
  • Excellent rating guidelines out now
  • More application forms online than ever before

ACECQA Newsletters 2012

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 20 2012

  • What’s new in 2013 – first aid anaphylaxis and emergency asthma requirements

ACECQA newsletter Issue 19 2012

  • ACECQA signs ‘Commitment to Young Australians’
  • Guest post: assessment visit – what is it like?
  • Hot topic: record of working directly with children
  • Did you know? Extra children attending special events
  • Reminder: who do I ask?

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 18 2012

  • Hot topic: what are the functions of authorised officers?
  • Submitting application forms online
  • New emergency asthma management courses

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 17 2012

  • Five fast facts: Family Day Care
  • Guest post: Communicating with families
  • Have your say on training packages
  • Did you know? Service Directors
  • Winners of Child Care Week art competition

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 16 2012

  • Change to assessment criteria for ECT qualifications
  • New and updated information sheets on website
  • Guest post: Robyn Monro Miller at the UN
  • Assessment visits in school holidays
  • Hot topic: Celebrating Christmas

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 15 2012

  • ACECQA launces Family News
  • Communicating with families
  • Do waivers affect quality ratings?
  • Newsletter survey – Feedback

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 14 2012

  • National Quality Standards raise the bar
  • Guest post: Our journey to date – the assessment process
  • Guidelines to review service ratings
  • About the ratings review panel
  • Did you know? National Quality Agenda IT System
  • Early Education and Care awards – Nominations open
  • National Quality Framework Conference 2013

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 13 2012

  • Five fast facts: Australian qualifications
  • QIPs – supporting the process at a local level
  • Hot topic: educator or early childhood teacher?
  • Did you know? Qualifications
  • New FAQs: waivers

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 12 2012

  • Excellent rating criteria
  • ACECQA Forum
  • When is an incident ‘serious’?
  • New anaphylaxis courses
  • NQA IT System launched
  • Overseas qualifications
  • Did you know? Staff working continuously for over 15 years

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 11 2012

  • Coming soon – National Quality Agenda IT system
  • ACECQA Forum
  • Guest post: tackling the NQS, how the UCCS management team met the challenge
  • NSW information sessions
  • Application forms updated
  • Hot topic: qualifications for cooks
  • Did you know? Western Australia Certified Supervisor Certificates

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 10 2012

  • New phone number for ACECQA
  • Fines under the National Law and Regulations
  • Hot topic: is my qualification still valid
  • Five fast facts: Certified supervisors

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 9 2012

  • The ACECQA Forum
  • 1300 4 ACECQA Service Desk Team coming in-house
  • Guest post: taking parents along for the NQF journey
  • First feedback: assessment visits
  • Hot topic: How do I get my qualifications assessed?
  • FAQ – is there a list of policies and procedures that services must have under the National Regulations?
  • Training update
  • Did you know? How to check if your qualification is approved

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 8 2012

  • When to report a serious incident
  • The Education and Care Network in the ACT
  • Assessment and rating process: What to expect after the visit
  • Did you know? First aid kits
  • FAQ: What information needs to be kept in staff records? Do I need to keep records for relief staff?
  • Hot topic: What is the role of the Educational leader
  • New guidelines released
  • Inclusion and Professional Support Program grants announced for 2013-2016

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 7 2012

  • What the new ratings mean for you
  • Educators’ guide launched
  • Assessment and rating process: What to expect during the visit
  • Family day care FAQ – do I need to have the child restrains in my vehicle checked by a professional?
  • Hot topic: Adequate Supervision
  • Qualification Assessments – New FAQs
  • Highlight – National Quality Standard 3.3

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 6 2012

  • Assessment and rating resources
  • ACECQA events
  • Excellent Rating Criteria update
  • Assessment and rating process: What to expect before the visit
  • Hot topic: does the nominated supervisor always have to be present at a centre-based service?
  • On sale now – NQF Resource Kit
  • Try ACECQA PDFs on iBooks

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 5 2012

  • QIP Tips
  • Hot topic: who can sign a form?
  • Did you know? Ratios for excursions
  • Outside School Hours Care

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 4 2012

  • Minor changes to application and notification forms
  • Hot topic: first aid, anaphylaxis emergency asthma
  • Defining ‘children over preschool age’
  • Highlight – National Quality Standard 6.3.4

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 3 2012

  • Application forms now available for Approval of Early Childhood Education Programs
  • Update on asthma and anaphylaxis training
  • Hot topic: outside school hours care qualifications
  • Regulation highlight – getting parents’ authorisation
  • The meaning of serious incident

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 2 2012

  • Stepping up to qualifications
  • Hot topic: who can advertise an education and care service
  • Supervisor Certificate forms – which form should I use?
  • Quality Improvement Plan

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 1 2012

  • Give your feedback – Excellent rating criteria
  • Assessment of Early Childhood Qualifications
  • Supervisors and officers
  • ACECQA News and Media
  • Download ACECQA resources faster

ACECQA Newsletters 2011

ACECQA Newsletter Issue 1 Dec 2011

  • Latest information available from ACECQA
  • ACECQA Excellent rating – have your say
  • Application and notification forms for 2012 online now
  • ACECQA gets ready for 2012
  • Qualifications lists now available