Information sheets and resources

All governments and ACECQA are committed to supporting the sector to understand and prepare for changes to the National Quality Framework (NQF). Most changes will commence 1 October 2017 in all states and territories (except Western Australia which will commence by 1 October 2018). This page will be updated as more information and guidance is developed over the coming months.

Updated National Law and Regulations will be available shortly after 1 October 2017. 

Information sheets

Transitioning to the revised National Quality Standard  - Published on 14 September 2017

New guidance on determining Exceeding NQS for standards - Published 07 September 2017

Responsible person requirements for approved providers - Published 30 August 2017

Key changes to notifications, incidents and complaints - Revised 19 September 2017

Relate articles

Documenting programs for school age children - Published 17 August 2017

Requirements for family day care providers - Revised 18 September 2017

Requirements for family day care educators - Revised 18 September 2017

Revised NQS and other changes - Published April 2017

Changes to the NQF – summary of all decisions - Published February 2017

Additional guidance 

Quality Improvement Plan template  - Published 14 September 2017

Safe sleep and rest practices from October 2017  - Published 01 August 2017

Comparison between current and revised NQS - Published April 2017

Slide packs

Slide pack - Exceeding guidance presentation
Published 30 August 2017

Changes to the NQF presentation 
Published April 2017

Printable posters

Revised NQS A3 poster 
Revised NQS A4 
Revised NQS A5 

Published April 2017


The story so far infographic

Published February 2017


Videos, podcasts and other resources

ACECQA’s Quest for Quality Game explores the quality areas in the revised NQS. Download the free game and instructions or purchase a set of the knowledge cards. 
Published August 2017


ACECQA’s National Education Leader, Rhonda Livingstone presents an overview of key changes to the National Quality Framework (NQF) in this Early Childhood Australia (ECA) webcast .

Published 11 September 2017