NQF videos, podcasts and resources

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ACECQA has developed a series of video and podcast resources to explain the National Quality Framework (NQF) to families and educators.

NQS knowledge game

The Quest for Quality is a trivia-style game developed for educators in education and care services. The game explores the seven quality areas in the National Quality Standard (NQS) through sector specific trivia. The Quest for Quality was designed as a capacity building tool for educators. It provides educators an opportunity to integrate an element of fun into their professional discussions and critical reflection. 

Download the Handbook for instructions

Print off the game spinner and cards (double-sided).

Quest for Quality game cards on yellow background

Purchase a set of The Quest for Quality NQS knowledge game cards here.

NQF videos for families

ACECQA has developed a series of 13 videos to help explain the NQF.

Providers and educators may also find these useful when explaining the NQF to families.

Starting Blocks also has a range of resources that provide parents with information about early childhood education and care.

NQF videos for educators

Outside school hours care

  • This ACECQA presentation, developed in partnership with the National Outside School Hours Services Association (NOSHSA), focuses on Quality Area 1 and explores the National Quality Standard and the regulatory requirements for this quality area, the approved learning framework and the cycle of planning.  

Additional presentation resources:

ACECQA – National Outside School Hours Services Association (NOSHSA) Quality Area 1 Participants workbook 

Documentation and the cycle of planning in outside school hours care

A critical reflection planning meeting

Educational Leadership

Webcast: ACECQA National Workshop, Quality Area 1, Educational program and practice 

Cultural Competence: Language Program Development 

Developing the National Quality Frameworks 

Leadership in education and care 

Discussions about the educational leader role 

National Education Leader Rhonda Livingstone discusses documentation 

ACECQA Forum Panel Discussion 

NQF podcasts for educators


ACECQA – National Outside School Hours Services Association (NOSHSA) Quality Area 1 workshop

Why has the NQF been introduced?

What are the key changes under the NQF?

What is the National Quality Standard?

How are services assessed and rated?

What do the ratings for services mean?

Quality area 1 – educational program and practice

Quality area 2 – children’s health and safety

Quality area 3 – physical environment

Quality area 4 – staffing arrangements

Quality area 5 – relationships with children

Quality area 6 – partnerships with families

Quality area 7 – leadership and service management

What is the role of ACECQA and regulatory authorities?


Webcast: ACECQA National Workshop, Quality Area 1, Educational program and practice

Webcast Acecqa National Workshop


Cultural Competence: Language Program Development

Developing the National Quality Frameworks

Leadership in education and care


Discussions around the role of the educational leader



Documenting children’s learning and development, NEL Rhonda Livingstone


ACECQA Forum Panel Discussion