Qualifications Checker

The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out the minimum qualification requirements for educators working in children's education and care services. There are also some state and territory specific qualification requirements for working with children over preschool age.

To meet the qualification requirements, educators must either:

Are you qualified to work in a service?

ACECQA’s qualifications checker allows you to check whether your qualification is recognised as an approved certificate III, diploma or early childhood teacher under the NQF.

The checker will guide you through a series of questions to confirm if you are a qualified educator. It will also tell you what evidence you can show to demonstrate you are qualified.

Launch qualifications checker

Hints for using the qualifications checker

ACECQA’s qualifications checker should only take a few minutes to complete.

The checker cannot:

  • be used to determine your suitability for teacher registration or skilled migration
  • tell you if a working with children or vulnerable people check is needed before working as an educator in an education and care service.

There may be a small number of individuals who were previously recognised as qualified educators under former laws whose recognition will not be captured by the checker. If you believe you were previously recognised as a qualified educator and the checker does not confirm this, contact your regulatory authority.

The checker is a guide only. If you have concerns or questions about the information in the checker, contact ACECQA.