Report on cutting NQF ‘red tape’ published

Thursday 23 January, 2014

The Report on the National Quality Framework & Regulatory Burdenis now available on the Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood (SCSEEC) website and contains recommendations and actions already underway to reduce 'red tape' under the NQF.

Developed by ACECQA, it is the first report of this longitudinal research and establishes a benchmark to examine over time whether administrative requirements are reducing as intended and the strategies that best contribute to this goal.

The report is presented in two parts - Part one presents high level findings on the administrative burden perceived and experienced by education and care providers.

Part two includes actions already underway and further proposals to streamline administrative requirements without compromising the objectives of the NQF.

The report’s key recommendations and actions underway to streamline and reduce regulatory burden are structured according to four themes:

  • opportunities to simplify the National Quality Standard;
  • reduce the total number of paperwork requirements;
  • support the sector with clearer expectations and communications about administrative obligations;
  •  legislative amendments to reduce operational impediments.

The report is available to download from the SCSEEC website.

Last updated on Thursday 23 January, 2014