Supervisor certificate approvals


On 1 June 2014, the National Regulations were amended to streamline the supervisor certificate application process. These changes apply in all states and territories, apart from Western Australia.

The new arrangements mean a person may be covered by a service supervisor certificate if they are:  

  • responsible for the day to day management of the service, or
  • exercising supervisory and leadership responsibilities for part of the service, or
  • a family day care coordinator.

A person covered by the service supervisor certificate does not need to apply to the regulatory authority for an individual supervisor certificate. This means you do not need to provide evidence to the regulatory authority of your qualification and experience, and do not need to pay the $30 application fee.

More information about these changes is available here


Regulatory authorities in each state and territory are responsible for assessing most applications and notifications. They are encouraging services to use the online system and most forms can be submitted using the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQA ITS). Note: The NSW and Victorian regulatory Authorities only accept applications and notifications submitted online using the NQA ITS.

To submit your form online register or sign in to the NQA ITS

Forms that are not currently available to submit online are marked with an *.

Forms requiring payment were updated 1 July 2015 to reflect the indexation of fees
A person who holds a supervisor certificate may be appointed as the nominated supervisor of an education and care service, or may consent to be placed in day-to-day charge of a service in the absence of the approved provider or the nominated supervisor. 

Individuals applying for a supervisor certificate using the NQA ITS will need to complete PA02 Declaration of Fitness and Propriety and scan and upload it to their application. 

Certain classes of persons may be automatically granted a supervisor certificate without having to apply. For further information about this type of supervisor certificate see the Guide to the National Law and National Regulations.

Note: NSW applicants must also complete and supply a Working With Children Check Number as the regulatory authority will no longer obtain the check on your behalf. Online forms will be available on the NSW Commission for Children and Young People website from 15 June 2013. Find out more here.

A certified supervisor may apply to amend their supervisor certificate at any time.
A certified supervisor may apply to suspend their supervisor certificate for up to 12 months. A certified supervisor may also surrender their supervisor certificate.
An approved provider must notify the regulatory authority of certain circumstances and information as specified in the Regulations. For more information refer to the Guide to the National Law and National Regulations.
This template is to help approved providers/nominated supervisors make informed decisions about a person’s suitability to be the nominated supervisor or to be placed in day to day charge of the service, if the person meets the definition at regulation 238A and may be covered by the service supervisor certificate.
It is not mandatory to use this form before appointing a person to one of these roles, however seeking a compliance history statement will help make an informed decision about whether a person is fit and proper to supervise an education and care service.
A person who is subject to a decision, as prescribed in the Regulations, may apply to the regulatory authority for a review of the decision. For further information about the types of reviewable decisions see the Guide to the National Law and National Regulations. 
For more information please contact your local regulatory authority.