2019 NQF Review DRIS communications toolkit

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​The 2019 NQF Review Decision Regulation Impact Statement (DRIS) is available online at: www.nqfreview.com.au

Here’s the set of communications materials you can share to support the release of the DRIS:

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Education Ministers have approved changes to the National Quality Framework, based on findings from the 2019 NQF Review.

Read the Decision Regulation Impact Statement and a summary table of changes here: https://www.nqfreview.com.au/  

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Written content for websites/newsletters:

The Decision Regulation Impact Statement (DRIS) for the 2019 National Quality Framework (NQF) Review has now been published.

Based on findings from the 2019 NQF Review, Commonwealth, State and Territory Education Ministers have agreed to changes to the National Quality Framework (NQF).

The 2019 NQF Review recommended changes to the Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations, as well as additional guidance for the sector to enhance children’s health, safety and wellbeing.

Regular reviews of the National Quality Framework ensure the regulatory system remains current, achieves its objectives and supports Australia’s approved services to provide high quality education and care to children and young people.

The review process included consultation with the education and care sector, families and the broader community on proposed options for change.

The Decision Regulation Impact Statement (DRIS) and a summary of the proposals and final decisions made by Ministers is available on the 2019 NQF Review website.  

Email content for providers to send to families

Dear parent/carer,

As part of public consultations in early-2021, the 2019 NQF Review provided families with an opportunity to have their say on proposed changes to the National Quality Framework. We would like to thank you for any feedback you may have provided to the NQF Review.

The National Quality Framework (NQF) provides a national approach to regulation of the quality of education and care services across Australia, and supports your child’s service in ensuring high quality education and care.

The 2019 NQF Review was established to ensure that the NQF is current, fit-for-purpose and implemented through best practice regulation.

Over the last three years, the NQF Review has considered proposed changes to the National Law and Regulations to address a number of issues. Recommended changes have been developed based on feedback generated from two rounds of consultation with the education and care sector and families, as well as written submissions from peaks, unions, professional bodies, academics, education and care staff and individual services as well as a cost benefit analysis considering impacts of proposed changes.

The Review made recommendations for regulatory changes in the following broad areas: 

  • strengthening the safety of children in education and care services
  • improved safety and oversight in Family Day Care (FDC)
  • improved oversight and compliance tools for Regulatory Authorities 
  • reducing burden for early childhood services
  • updates to fees associated with regulatory applications and functions
  • increases in penalties to keep pace with inflation
  • minor and technical amendments to clarify existing provisions

The DRIS can be found on the NQF Review website along with a summary of proposals and final decisions. 

Thank you again for your involvement and feedback during the 2019 NQF Review, and for your ongoing support for Australia’s education and care sector.

Kind regards,

The 2019 NQF Review Team