ACECQA Board Position on Authorised Officer Requirements

22 December 2011

[Updated November 2018 - to align with changes to the Education and Care Services National Law]

An Authorised Officer under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 is a person authorised by a regulatory authority as an appropriate person for the purposes of the Law. In considering whether a person is an appropriate person, the regulatory authority must take into account requirements that are determined and published by ACECQA.

The ACECQA Board has determined that in regard to Section 195(5) of the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010, the requirements for the authorisation of authorised officers of the regulatory authorities are:

  • they are appropriately skilled to complete the functions required of them under the National Law, including:
    • monitoring compliance
    • conducting investigations
    • decision making and recommending decisions
    • conducting assessment and rating; and
    • report writing
  • they have capabilities and/or experience consistent with the functions they are undertaking
  • for those authorised officers undertaking the assessment and rating function, they have:
    • completed ACECQA’s assessment and rating training, and continue to participate in quality rating reliability assurance programs administered by ACECQA, and
    • skills and experience to enable informed assessment of the pedagogical aspects of the National Quality Standard.