ACECQA's Occasional Paper 5 on Quality Area 7

ACECQA has published its fifth occasional paper analysing Quality Area 7 – Leadership and service management.

This completes the suite of occasional papers that cover the four quality areas of the National Quality Standard that are comparatively challenging.

Quality Area 7 recognises the importance of effective leadership and internal administrative systems in guiding and supporting educators, coordinators and staff members to deliver quality education and care programs.

The paper highlights contemporary research and theory related to leadership and service management, describes the operational requirements of the National Law and National Regulations, and examines the distribution of quality ratings for Quality Area 7. It provides case studies of the Quality Area 7 elements, along with examples of evidence collected by authorised officers when assessing the elements.

Future directions and the implications of the data and literature for service leadership and management are also examined.

The paper will be of interest to people who deliver education and care services, people who provide training and professional development services to the sector, peak organisations, and officers in the state and territory regulatory authorities that regulate education and care services.

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Download Occasional Paper 5: Leadership and service management