Assessment & Ratings

Information about the assessment and rating process, the quality improvement journey, the Excellent rating and tools to promote service ratings.

Acecqa – The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority

The following tables outline the national quality rating and assessment process for evaluation of services against the National Quality Standards and the National Regulations. It is designed to be a cooperative process with opportunities for services to discuss how they are meeting the National Quality Standards and enhancing outcomes for children. The timeframes reflect the approximate period of time involved in each step.

The National Regulations require approved services to have a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). The aim of the QIP is to help providers self-assess their performance in delivering quality education and care and to plan future improvements.

Logos are available for services to use in promoting their overall quality rating to families. If your service has achieved an overall rating of Working Towards, Meeting or Exceeding the…

About the Excellent rating The Excellent rating celebrates excellence in the delivery of education and care. The rating recognises providers and educators using innovative practice to achieve significant improvements for…

An approved provider can apply to a regulatory authority for a review of ratings, called a first tier review (Section 141 of the Education and Care Services National Law).

Support materials for services and authorised officers to assist in the assessment and rating process.