The Excellent rating

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Acecqa – The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority

About the Excellent rating

rated excellent by ACECQA

The Excellent rating celebrates excellence in the delivery of education and care. The rating recognises providers and educators using innovative practice to achieve significant improvements for:

  • their children and families
  • the local community and/or organisations
  • the wider education and care sector.

Services rated Exceeding National Quality Standard in all seven quality areas are eligible to apply. The Excellent rating is the highest rating achievable under the National Quality Framework.

Being awarded the Excellent rating

rated Excellent by ACECQA certificate

When a service is awarded the Excellent rating, that becomes the overall rating for the service. Services must retain their rating of ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ in all seven quality areas throughout the three year award period to maintain their Excellent rating. After this time, eligible services have the option to reapply for the Excellent rating.

Excellent rated services are found in urban, regional, rural and various socioeconomic areas throughout Australia. While contextually different, Excellent rated services demonstrate:

  • active involvement of their children and families across service operations
  • engagement with its children and families to identify and meet their needs
  • leadership extending beyond the service
  • commitment to continual improvement and sustained exceptional practice.

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Ultimately, Excellent rated services transform opportunities into outcomes. Tailored practices, programs and partnerships are established to respond to service specific contexts, circumstances and needs. As a result, children and families experience improvements at the highest level.

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Excellent rated services

For more information and to locate Excellent rated services, use the handy map below or our helpful index.

Exceptional practice in action.

Education and Care Service Date awarded
Goodstart Early Learning Bathurst 27 October 2020
Singleton Heights Pre School 29 September 2020
Balnarring Preschool* 21 August 2020
Alberton Preschool* 17 August 2020
John Brotchie Nursery School 30 April 2020
Bribie Island Community Kindergarten * 15 April 2020
Warrawee Care Centre * 25 March 2020
The Southport School* 26 November 2019
John Paul College Outside School Hours Care * 21 November 2019
Rosie's Early Learning Pty Ltd * 20 October 2019
Keithcot Farm Children's Centre for Early Childhood Development and Parenting 19 September 2019
Yirrkala Preschool 11 September 2019
Everton Park Child Care and Development Centre * 28 August 2019
Learning Links Preschool 14 August 2019
Gowrie Victoria Broadmeadows Valley 24 July 2019
Milford Lodge Child Care Centre * 31 May 2019
Albert Park Preschool Centre  21 May 2019
Jescott Montessori Preschool * 18 April 2019
Forrest Out Of School Hours Care 15 January 2019
Pelican Waters Golden Beach Preschool Kindergarten and Child Care * 6 December 2018
Lobethal Community Kindergarten 11 December 2018
Victoria Avenue Children's Centre 16 November 2018
Cambrian Preschool 8 October 2018
Clarendon Children's Centre Co-op * 4 July 2018
Bermagui Preschool 16 July 2018
Concordia College Out of School Hours Care 20 July 2018
Darlington Children’s Centre for Early Childhood Development and Parenting 9 March 2018
Bonkers Beat Music Kinder & Childcare Aspendale 13 March 2018
Waratah Cottage Early Learning Centre 14 March 2018
KU Lance Children’s Centre 21 March 2018
Uniting Frederick Street Preschool Rockdale 22 March 2018
Uniting Preschool Grafton * 27 March 2018
Tigger's Honeypot 28 March 2018
Goodstart Early Learning Parafield Gardens 12 January 2018
Inspire Carlingford 7 February 2018
Indooroopilly Montessori Children's House 8 February 2018
Doveton College Early Learning Centre * 7 December 2017
Globe Wilkins Preschool * 15 December 2017
Millville Childcare Centre 18 December 2017
Mount Gambier Children's Centre 22 December 2017
Lansvale Public School Preschool  21 December 2017


These services have achieved the Excellent rating more than once.

You are able to view a listing of services that previously held the Excellent rating below. The current ratings of these services can be found using the National Registers

Education and Care Service Date rating expired
AIS Caretaker's College Child Care Centre * 12 November 2020
Awabakal Preschool - Wickham 25 October 2020
Jindi Woraback Children's Centre * 15 October 2020
Wesley College Melbourne Glen Waverley Early Childhood Learning Centre * 30 August 2020
Kindamindi Pre-School * 23 May 2020
Chancery Lane Montessori Pre-School * 16 March 2020
Condy Park Preschool and Kindergarten * 5 January 2020
Wynnum Family Day Care * 22 November 2019
KU Ourimbah Preschool and Children's Centre 13 October 2019
KU Killara Park Preschool 10 October 2019
Uniting Dove Cottage Early Learning Bankstown 22 September 2019
Burgmann Anglican School Preschool - Forde & Valley campus 10 July 2019
Wagner Road Early Childhood Centre and Kindergarten 3 May 2019
Canterbury College Kindergarten 21 April 2019
Hillsong Child Care Centre 12 February 2019
Gowrie Victoria Docklands     8 December 2018
Centenary Child Care & Early Education Centre 15 October 2018
Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care Incorporated 3 September 2018
Little Beacons Learning Centre 21 September 2018
KU - Corrimal East Pre-School 23 September 2018
Canberra Girls Grammar School Early Learning Centre  14 August 2018
Canberra Grammar School Northside Pre-Kindergarten 7 July 2018
Torquay Kids Early Learning Centre 30 July 2018
St Luke's Pre-School 4 June 2018 
Baxter Kindergarten and Children’s Centre 30 April 2018
Albury Out of School Hours (OOSH)  8 March 2018
Canberra Grammar School Early Learning Centre 8 February 2018
Unicare Early Childhood Education 12 January 2018
Jumbunna Community Pre-school 15 January 2018
Capalaba Child Care and Early Education Centre     20 January 2018
Kenmore and District Montessori Children's House 3 December 2017
Albury Preschool 4 December 2017
Berry Springs Preschool 18 November 2017
Wiradjuri Preschool Child Care   26 November 2017
Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care Scheme Inc 2 October 2017
Goodstart Early Learning Elizabeth Vale 7 September 2017
Scotch College Early Learning Centre 22 September 2017
UWA Early Learning Centre 22 May 2017
Amarina Early Learning Centre 27 November 2016
Karana Early Education Centre 8 September 2016
Swallowcliffe Preschool 26 August 2016
Allenby Gardens 27 August 2016
Wandana School Based Preschool 27 August 2016
Bertram Hawker Kindergarten 10 February 2016

These services have achieved the Excellent rating more than once.