Ratings review panel

Second tier reviews are undertaken by a Ratings Review Panel. ACECQA has established a pool of panel members to be called periodically to sit on a Ratings Review Panel. Panel members are statutory appointments and are selected based on their expertise in one of the following areas:

  • early learning and development research or practice
  • law
  • the assessment of quality in education and care services or other relevant services
  • best practice regulation.
More information about the role of Ratings Review Panel members is detailed in the role statement for Ratings Review Panel membersword document. Also available is the Conflict of Interest Policy , and a list of Ratings Review Panel pool members is below.

Pool Members

Wendy McDuff ACT
Susan Sullivan ACT
Christine Harrison ACT
Kim Hoskin NSW
Amanda Docksey NT
Erica McLuckie QLD
Kym Groth QLD
Jennifer Cartmel  QLD
Vivienne St John Robb SA
Ros Cornish TAS
Lyn Chapman TAS
Catharine Hydon VIC
Helen Creed WA
Sue Deveraux WA
Shae Welch WA
Chris Mason ACECQA
Perry Campbell ACECQA
Rhonda Livingstone ACECQA
Craig Bennett ACECQA
John Mason ACECQA
Michelle Hilton-Moon ACECQA