First aid training during COVID-19

Information about changes to first aid training during Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

Acecqa – The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority

In light of COVID-19 related restrictions, the Australian Skills Quality Authority has released advice for training providers to consider adapting practices, including changing delivery modes, re-sequencing delivery of units or components of units, and delaying workplace practical assessments.

While theoretical aspects of first aid training could be reasonably covered through online training, other more practical aspects – in particular the performance of CPR on a manikin – are much more challenging. In the first instance, educators should discuss any available options offered by training providers.

In instances where the full requirements of the course cannot be met, training providers are expected to issue documentation to students confirming that they have completed the theoretical aspects of the course and detail any outstanding requirements of the course they must complete in order to obtain the qualification.

Unlike the requirements to initially obtain competency, requirements for refresher training are not defined in the National Regulations (beyond the requirement for the training to be ‘current’). The industry standard is that first aid qualifications, anaphylaxis management training and emergency asthma management training should be renewed every three years and refresher training in CPR should be undertaken annually, generally by attending an approved training course.

Education and care service providers and educators are encouraged to pursue all available options to complete first aid, anaphylaxis management training and emergency asthma management refresher training, including completing only the theoretical aspects of the training, if necessary.

State and territory regulatory authorities will consider waivers relating to the requirements for refresher training, particularly those applications supported by evidence of having actively sought training opportunities and/or completed the theoretical aspects of the training.