Information Publication Scheme


Section 264 of the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 (National Law) applies the Freedom of Information Act 1982 of the Commonwealth (the FOI Act) in relation to the bodies that undertake the administration of the ‘national education and care services quality framework’. This includes ACECQA.

The Education and Care Services National Regulations (National Regulations) modifies the FOI Act as it applies to the national education and care services quality framework and the bodies that administer it, including ACECQA.

Part 2 of the FOI Act establishes an Information Publication Scheme (IPS) for agencies subject to the Act. The IPS commenced on 1 May 2011 and requires agencies to publish a broad range of information on their website. This includes an agency’s structure, functions, appointments, annual reports and details of the agency's FOI officer.

ACECQA takes a proactive approach to publishing information. Below are headings for each of the categories of information we publish in our IPS entry. Under each heading are links to the information or documents.

Agency plan

ACECQA has an Information Publication Plan as required by s 8(1) of the FOI Act. The Plan describes how ACECQA implements and administers the IPS in respect of its own information holdings.

Who we are

Information published under this heading includes:

What we do

The National Law and National Regulations set out the role, functions and powers of ACECQA and each regulatory authority.

The functions of ACECQA as per Section 225 of the National Law are as follows—

  • to guide the implementation and administration of the National Quality Framework and to monitor and promote consistency in its implementation and administration
  • to report to and advise the Ministerial Council on the National Quality Framework
  • to report to the regulatory authorities and the relevant Commonwealth Department in relation to the following— the collection of
    • information under the National Law and Regulations
    •  the evaluation of the National Quality Framework
  • to establish consistent, effective and efficient procedures for the operation of the National Quality Framework
  • to determine the arrangements for national auditing for the purposes of the National Law and Regulations
  • to keep national information on the assessment, rating and regulation of education and care services
  • to establish and maintain national registers of approved providers, approved education and care services and certified supervisors (WA) and to publish those registers
  • to promote and foster continuous quality improvement by approved education and care services
  • to publish, monitor and review ratings of approved education and care services
  • to make determinations with respect to the highest level of rating for approved education and care services
  • in conjunction with the regulatory authorities, to educate and inform education and care services and the community about the National Quality Framework
  • to publish guides and resources—
    •  to support parents and the community in understanding quality in relation to education and care services
    •  to support the education and care services sector in understanding the National Quality Framework
  • to publish information about the implementation and administration of the National Quality Framework and its effect on developmental and educational outcomes for children
  • to publish practice notes and guidelines for the application of the National Law and Regulations
  • to provide support and training to authorised officers and staff of regulatory authorities
  • to determine the qualifications required to be held by educators, including the assessment of equivalent qualifications
  • any other function given to ACECQA by the National Law and Regulations.

In carrying out our functions, ACECQA has regard to the objectives and guiding principles of the National Quality Framework.

Our reports

ACECQA’s Annual Reports are made available on the Authority’s website after being tabled in the Parliament of a participating jurisdiction determined by the Ministerial Council.

ACECQA’s consultative arrangements

ACECQA consults widely with children’s education and care stakeholders to inform its work in guiding the implementation and administration of the NQF. This ranges from conducting formal consultative processes to help shape the design and implementation of a number of ACECQA’s functions, to convening meetings of, and conducting regular consultation through, the Authority’s national reference group, the ACECQA Forum. The Forum comprises providers of family day care, outside school hours care and preschool services, large providers of long day care, local and state government agencies, peak bodies, professional support agencies, and family, professional and employee associations.

Freedom of Information, routinely requested information and disclosure log

ACECQA publishes on its Freedom of Information Disclosure page information about how to make a FOI request and the address, telephone number and email address for a contact officer who can be contacted about access to ACECQA's information and documents. In addition, information that has been released in response to a request for access to information will be made available in ACECQA’s FOI disclosure log.

Operational information

ACECQA is committed to publishing 'operational information' as required by section 8(2)(j) of the FOI Act. This is information held by ACECQA to assist it in performing or exercising its functions and powers in making decisions or recommendations affecting members of the public.

The following operational information can be found on our website:
•    Excellent rating guidelines
•    First tier and second tier review guidelines
•    Guidelines for assessing and determining equivalent early childhood educator qualifications
•    Guidelines for approving early childhood education and care qualifications
•    Guidelines for approving first aid, emergency asthma management and anaphylaxis management training
•    NQA ITS Data sharing protocol 

Statutory appointments relating to ACECQA

A list of current statutory appointments made under the National Law can be found here.