Customer Service Charter

It is our vision that children have the best start in life for themselves and for the nation.


This Charter sets out the standard of service that the general community can expect in its dealings with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Our role

ACECQA provides leadership, guidance and consistency in the implementation of the Education and Care Services National Law 2010. We work closely with services providing or intending to provide early childhood education and care or outside school hours care on a regular basis to children up to 13 years of age. We support families, educators and administrators with professional advice and clear processes and information.

Our customers

We recognise the importance of having positive and respectful relationships with all of our valued customers, whether individuals, businesses or other government agencies.

Our goals

  • Better educational and developmental outcomes for children.
  • A nationally consistent and collaborative regulatory approach.
  • Continuous quality improvement.
  • High quality research to inform policy.
  • Streamlined regulatory burden and improved efficiency.
  • Build a highly skilled, professional workforce.
  • Lead education and awareness about the sector.
  • Work in partnership with the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. 

Service Charter Standards

We are committed to:


We welcome you and will listen to you and work with you to understand your individual and cultural needs.

Quality information

We will provide consistent, accessible and accurate information.

Fair and transparent services

We will be open and honest with you and follow through on our commitments.

Genuine consultation

We value your feedback and we will work with you to understand how to improve our services.


Our services will be easily understood and simple to use. We will respond to email correspondence within five working days from receipt, and postal correspondence 10 working days from receipt.

You can help us if you:

  • tell us if you experience difficulty using our products and services and share ideas for improvement
  • are respectful and courteous to our staff
  • provide feedback to our staff if you are not happy with our actions, or if you are particularly pleased with our service.

Performance Reporting

We report on how we are meeting our charter standards in our Annual Report

Social Media

ACECQA uses a range of social media channels to inform, engage and communicate with the community and education and care sector. ACECQA’s social media policy explains the social media platforms we use and guidelines around participation.