Social Media Policy

ACECQA uses a range of social media channels to inform, engage and communicate with the community and education and care sector.

Below is some information about the social media platforms ACECQA uses and guidelines around participation.


The ACECQA Facebook page is used to:

  • share information and news regarding ACECQA and the children’s education and care sector
  • share photos from events or campaigns
  • address enquiries.

The ACECQA Facebook page is an open forum and ACECQA welcomes questions, feedback, ideas and comments, and aims to respond to posts, comments and enquiries where possible.

To protect your privacy, personal questions will not be responded to on Facebook. Please send your questions to [email protected]. If you have an urgent query please phone ACECQA on 1300 422 327 or email [email protected].

ACECQA supports the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and related Facebook policies; we expect visitors to our page to do the same.
ACECQA may choose to follow organisations and community groups interested in or actively discussing relevant topics. You may request ACECQA ‘Unlike’ you by private messaging ACECQA on Facebook.

For more information regarding the use of Facebook, read the Facebook Privacy Policy.


The ACECQA Twitter profile is used to distribute news and information about ACECQA and the children’s education and care sector.

Twitter is a public forum and searchable over time. Users should abide by the Twitter Rules. For more information visit the Twitter website.

ACECQA may choose to follow organisations and individuals involved with, or actively discussing relevant issues. Individuals and organisations choosing to follow ACECQA on Twitter may be followed in return. You may request that ACECQA cease following you by blocking the account using the block function in Twitter.


The ACECQA YouTube channel is used to host videos produced by ACECQA for the children’s education and care sector. You can subscribe to ACECQA’s YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are added to the channel.

We Hear You blog

ACECQA’s We Hear You blog has feature articles and guest posts from a variety of contributors offering their perspectives on the children’s education and care sector.
Comments on We Hear You will be approved by a moderator.
To protect your privacy, personal questions will not be posted on We Hear You. Your questions may be referred to our enquiries team at [email protected].

Social media FAQ

Will you respond to my enquiry?

Where possible, ACECQA will respond to enquiries and direct messages sent via our social media accounts in the same manner as the team responds to emails, post and phone. Users are reminded not to publicly post personal information on Facebook or Twitter.

When are social media accounts monitored?

ACECQA periodically monitors accounts during business hours (Australian Eastern Time) and intermittently outside business hours.

Participation guidelines

ACECQA encourages questions, feedback, ideas and comments on all social media platforms.

In participating on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our blog, please respect these rights and policies, and your fellow users and:

  • do not post spam, advertising or commercial content
  • ensure that any content posted meets relevant copyright guidelines
  • do not post anything that is spam or abusive, profane or defamatory toward a person, entity, belief or symbol.

ACECQA moderates all social media and taking the above into consideration, reserves the right to remove posts that do not comply with what is acceptable.
Any posts which, in the opinion of ACECQA, amount to advertising or promotion will be immediately removed at our discretion.

ACECQA reserves the right to delete inappropriate content (including but not limited to images, text and links) without notice.

ACECQA reserves the right to set the definition of inappropriate activity on a case-by-case basis.

Third party sites or profiles linked from our social media accounts are not controlled, maintained or endorsed by ACECQA and ACECQA is not responsible or liable for any content posted on or uploaded to this site by a user or any content on third party sites linked to this site.


ACECQA is committed to social inclusion, and as such provides support for people with disabilities.
We've provided some links to further information about social media and accessibility: