2019 NQF Review Decision Regulation Impact Statement published


The Decision Regulation Impact Statement (DRIS) for the 2019 National Quality Framework (NQF) Review has now been published.

Based on findings from the 2019 NQF Review, Commonwealth, State and Territory Education Ministers have agreed to changes to the National Quality Framework (NQF).

The 2019 NQF Review recommended changes to the Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations, as well as additional guidance for the sector to enhance children’s health, safety and wellbeing.

Regular reviews of the National Quality Framework ensure the regulatory system remains current, achieves its objectives and supports Australia’s approved services to provide high quality education and care to children and young people.

The review process included consultation with the education and care sector, families and the broader community on proposed options for change.

The Decision Regulation Impact Statement (DRIS) is available on the 2019 NQF Review webpage