ACECQA has published its eighth occasional paper

ACECQA has published its eighth occasional paper, marking the first decade of the National Quality Framework (NQF) for children’s education and care.

The NQF includes the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations, which outline the minimum standards and requirements that all providers must meet in order to operate services. It also includes the National Quality Standard, which sets the benchmark for service quality.

The paper provides a high level overview of the NQF, highlights a number of changes over the last 10 years, and summarises a range of projects and strategies in place to ensure the NQF remains fit for purpose.

“Our sector has made huge progress since the introduction of the NQF in 2012, driven by the efforts of hundreds of thousands of service providers, teachers, educators and other service staff,” said ACECQA CEO Gabrielle Sinclair.

“Service quality has risen markedly and children across Australia are benefiting from high quality education and care by attending NQF approved services,” Ms Sinclair added. “On behalf of ACECQA, I would like to recognise and thank all those working in our sector for their continual efforts and dedication, particularly throughout the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and natural disasters”.

Service types approved under the NQF include long day care, outside school hours care and family day care services, as well as most preschools and kindergartens across Australia.

All of ACECQA’s occasional papers are available as part of our research and reports webpage.