ACECQA’s new service Self-assessment Tool

ACECQA, in response to sector feedback, has developed a service Self-assessment Tool to support approved providers, service leaders and educators assess the quality of their education and care service’s practices, policies and procedures, against the National Quality Standard and the National Law and Regulations.   

Designed to complement and contribute to the quality improvement planning process, the Tool supports service teams to reflect on their current practice against the NQS and legislation, and to plan for quality improvements.

The Self-assessment Tool will help services identify service strengths, areas of compliance, practices that are Exceeding NQS, and areas and opportunities for quality improvement. The Tool helps you through the process of self-assessment which can, where needed, inform your QIP.

ACECQA’s Self-assessment Tool is an optional resource that is suitable for all service types and provides a process that services may choose to apply or adapt in a way that meets the needs of their unique service context. 

The Tool is available as a free download on the ACECQA website.