Analysing Quality Area 2 - Children's Health and Safety

ACECQA has published the second in its series of occasional papers, analysing one of the most challenging quality areas - Children’s Health and Safety. Quality Area 2 addresses one of the primary objectives of the National Quality Framework – to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children attending education and care services.

The paper examines performance across service types, socio economic and remoteness classifications, jurisdictions and management types. It also breaks down Quality Area 2 and highlights that standard 2.3 (each child is protected) and element 2.3.3 (incident and emergency planning) are the most challenging aspects of the Quality Area.

One of the findings from the analysis is that services in remote and very remote areas may benefit from more support to understand and comply with the requirements of Quality Area 2. The paper also summarises recent state, territory and Commonwealth initiatives around child safe organisations, as well as some examples of the types of compliance and enforcement action that state and territory regulatory authorities have taken relating to children’s health and safety.

Download Occasional Paper 1: Educational program and practice

Download Occasional Paper 2: Children’s health and safety.


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