National Out of School Hours Care Educators' Day

Educator and child sitting at table

National Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Educators' Day is the national annual day for celebrating the importance of OSHC educators across Australia. This year, OSHC Educators' Day falls on 31 July 2024 and we encourage all services to use this opportunity to reflect on and recognise the positive impact that OSHC educators have on the lives of children, young people and their families.

The revised national Approved Learning Framework for school aged care, My Time our Place (MTOP, V2.0) includes an updated principle renamed Critical Reflection and Ongoing Professional Learning. The principle now defines the process of critical reflection, emphasising that multiple perspectives should be considered in the process and action is to take place as a result. Additionally, it recognises educators as professionals who are committed to lifelong learning.

When thinking about your role as an OSHC educator, you may like to critically reflect upon your ongoing professional learning as a leader in the sector. Consider how you authentically engage with children to ensure they benefit from your practices and the experiences you offer. Your deep understanding of each individual child and young person will shape your interactions and ensure that they experience programs that are high quality and targeted to their unique needs including their culture and the service context.

Further questions to guide or begin your journey to critical reflection could include:

  • How and why do your practices benefit children, young people and their families? 
  • How do you engage with children and young people to ensure they are co-learners and co-collaborators within the program? 
  • What other theories, knowledge and world views could help you and your team to support improved outcomes for children and young people? 
  • How might those theories, knowledge and world views shape and affect our practice? 
  • What about your role challenges you and how would you like to be supported to elevate and enhance your role as an educator?

National OSHC Educators' Day is coordinated by the Network of Community Activities and member organisations of NOSHSA, visit their website to learn about OSHC Educators' Day 2024.