More than 14,000 education and care services quality rated

As at 30 June 2017, 14,106 children’s education and care services (91 per cent of all services approved to operate under the National Quality Framework) have received a quality rating, with 73 per cent rated at Meeting National Quality Standard (NQS) or above. There have also been almost 2,500 quality rating reassessments.

ACECQA Chief Executive Officer Gabrielle Sinclair said the data indicated the national assessment and rating system is well established and an integral part of the regulatory framework.

“I am very pleased to see that over 90 per cent of all approved services have a quality rating. This means parents and carers will have access to information to help them choose a service that is right for them and their children,” Ms Sinclair said.

“Continuous quality improvement is a fundamental part of the assessment and rating system and a goal for all services. I am delighted to see that nearly 2,500 quality rating reassessments have shown the majority of services are achieving an improved overall quality rating.”

Parents and carers are encouraged to visit Starting Blocks for more information about their local services.

Highlights from the latest NQF Snapshot include:

  • 91 per cent (14,106) of approved education and care services have a quality rating
  • 52 services have achieved an Excellent rating by ACECQA
  • 73 per cent (10,355) of rated services have an overall quality rating of Meeting NQS or above
  • 2,419 quality rating reassessments have been completed, with 59 per cent (1,422) resulting in the service receiving a higher overall quality rating
  • Of the 1,807 reassessments of services originally rated Working Towards NQS, 69 per cent (1,249) received a higher overall quality rating
  • 34 per cent (1,269) of services rated at Working Towards NQS do not meet four or fewer of the 58 elements of quality.

The NQF Snapshot is available as a PDF and online. The data is also available to download as an Excel workbook. All data is as at 30 June 2017.

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