New educational leadership resources for FDC and OSHC settings

ACECQA has recently released two new addendums to The Educational Leader Resource for family day care (FDC) and outside school hours care (OSHC). ACECQA recognises that there are unique aspects to the role of the educational leader in FDC and OSHC, providing challenges and opportunities worthy of recognition and celebration through their own addendums.

The Educational Leader Resource Addendum for Family Day Care brings to life the stories and experiences of educational leaders in FDC. Each story highlights a critical strategy that builds the effectiveness of educational leaders’ practice and transforms theoretical understandings and technical guidance into the lived experience. The stories are enriched with insights and perspective about educational leadership from approved providers, coordinators, educators and other staff who work in family day care and support educational leaders.

The Educational Leader Resource Addendum for Outside School Hours Care is a collection of topic-based information, reflections, practical ideas and experiences of educational leadership in OSHC. The information highlights practices, research, ideas and knowledge that confirm the essential role of educational leaders in outside school hours care. It is presented in the addendum as individual topics which can be considered on their own or collectively.

Each addendum aims to provide guidance and practical support to realise the intent of the role under the National Quality Framework and to support the delivery of quality outcomes for children and families in FDC and OSHC services across Australia. 

The resources are free to download from the Educational leadership page of the ACECQA website.