NQF design considerations for centre-based ECEC services in multi-storey buildings

For children’s education and care services operating in multi-storey buildings, there are increased risks when evacuating young children and babies. This is why ACECQA has recently published National Quality Framework Design Considerations for Centre-Based Early Childhood Education and Care Services in Multi-Storey Buildings.

This national guidance has been developed for building practitioners such as developers, architects and planning professionals in state and local government who are working with prospective or current providers to establish a service in a multi-storey building.

The guidance contains a key message – Improved safety outcomes and streamlined approvals are achieved when NQF regulatory requirements are taken into account at the beginning of the design process.

Readers will be able to use this information sheet to improve their understanding and awareness of:

  • the service approvals process under the NQF
  • physical and building features enabling safety in multi-storey buildings
  • ongoing operational requirements for approved providers of children’s education and care services relating to emergency evacuation under the NQF.

View the guidance on our website