Preparing NQF policies and procedures

Approved providers must ensure each of their services has a range of policies and procedures to support all educators and other service staff to deliver quality and safe education and care to children, and to inform and be accountable to their families.

At ACECQA, one of our roles is to publish guides and resources to support services in understanding – and working within – the National Quality Framework (NQF). In consultation with state and territory regulatory authorities, we developed guidelines that will help providers and their services when preparing or reviewing these policies and procedures.

Twenty-eight guidelines, for each of the policies and procedures required under regulations 168 and 169 of the National Regulations, are now available on the new Preparing NQF policies and procedures page on our website.

The guidelines step through the information to consider and offer a starting point to develop policies and procedures that are comprehensive, current and suited to each service and community.

They are a reference point for existing approved providers and services, as well as for individuals and organisations intending to apply for new provider and/or service approvals.

As the guidelines have been prepared for use Australia-wide, services will also need to consider any relevant state or territory specific requirements when drafting their policies and procedures.