Removal of paper-based forms from 1 Oct 2017

Regulatory authorities and ACECQA are continually seeking ways to improve the quality of our services. This includes streamlining business systems to make them more efficient for everyone.

From 1 October 2017 there will be less paper-based forms for the National Quality Framework. Education and care providers will submit application and notification forms to their regulatory authority through the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQA IT System).

For NSW and Victoria this will mean no change as both jurisdictions already only accept applications and notifications submitted online using the NQA IT System.

Submitting forms in the NQA IT System

The NQA IT System is an online tool that offers service providers a secure and direct way of communicating with regulatory authorities.

Useful information about creating accounts is available through ACECQA’s Getting Started Online guidance and online training videos.

If you are unable to access the NQA IT System for incidents, complaints or events that require notification under the National Law within a 24 hour period, please contact your regulatory authority.

Paper-based forms that will remain

The paper-based forms below will remain on the ACECQA website as these forms are not available in the NQA IT System, or are more suited to a paper-based format for new providers:

PA01 Application for provider approval
PA02 Declaration of fitness and propriety
PA06 Application for provider approval by executor of estate of approved provider
PA07 Application for provider approval by legal personal representative or guardian on incapacity of approved provider
AR01 Application for internal review of reviewable decision
NS01 Nominated supervisor consent form