– new features are here

New features are available on the website. Families can:

  • find local services and view their vacancies, costs, quality ratings and inclusions
  • compare services side-by-side
  • estimate their out-of-pocket costs
  • get information and advice about education, children’s development, and parenting.

Having this information in one place helps parents choose the best early childhood education and care for their family.

What has changed for providers and services? 

Your service fees, vacancies, quality ratings and inclusions are now being published on Please update your communication products with this information and replace old phone numbers like the My Child Hotline and Child Care Access Hotline with links to All enquiries relating to Starting Blocks should be directed to
The way you report your fees and information as required by Family Assistance Law is the same. You must still report through the Provider Entry Point (PEP) or your third-party software. When reporting fees, you must report:

  • current hourly or session fees before Child Care Subsidy, discounts or reductions. If your service has a range of fees (for example, per educator or age group), you can report a typical or average fee.
  • any changes to fees (within 14 days of the change).

If you need help, see the task card on reporting fees in the PEP or contact your third-party software provider.
See the new features, including the new Fees Estimator on the website and encourage your families to access trusted free information on quality education and care across Australia now. .