Everton Park Child Care and Development Centre achieves Excellent rating

Date awarded 23/09/2016

Valid until 22/09/2019

Everton Park Child Care and Development Centre has been awarded the Excellent rating by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), the highest rating achievable.

The Brisbane based service was recognised for its inclusive partnerships, workplace values and leadership in the early education and care sector.

ACECQA Chief Executive Officer Karen Curtis congratulated Everton Park Child Care on its achievement.

“The types of programs and practice we expect from Excellent rated services are exhibited by Everton Park Child Care and its leadership has helped inspire other services,” Ms Curtis said.

Seeking to develop positive relationships with children and families during entry into education and care, Everton Park Child Care has implemented a successful home visiting program.

“Transitioning into education and care can be a stressful time for children and parents. This program, developed in collaboration with a community support agency, has helped to build relationships between families and services and reduce anxiety,” Ms Curtis said.

The skills of educators are recognised and valued by Everton Park Child Care through the development of specialist roles. Music, science and outdoor programs are facilitated by educators, driving children’s learning and growth in a range of areas.

Acting on research identifying that opportunities to play outdoors and physical development in children were declining, Everton Park Child Care took the initiative to share learnings from its outdoor program with services in the local area. Educators have also presented on the program at sector conferences, workshops and forums.

“One of the purposes of the Excellent rating is for our sector to learn from and be inspired by examples of highly accomplished practice, innovation and creativity. Everton Park Child Care is leading the way in this, and I thank them for their commitment,” Ms Curtis said.

Services that receive an overall rating of ‘Exceeding the National Quality Standard’ can apply for the Excellent rating.

More information is available on the ACECQA website and the Everton Park Child Care and Development Centre website.