Excellent rating awarded to Chancery Lane Montessori Pre-School

Date first awarded: 05/03/2014

Date re-awarded: 17/03/2017

Valid until: 16/03/2020

Chancery Lane Montessori Pre-School has been awarded the Excellent rating by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), the highest rating a service can achieve under the National Quality Framework.

The Adelaide based service was recognised for its collaborative partnerships, positive work place culture and diversity and practices that enhance children’s learning and growth.

Examples of exceptional practice at the service include:

  • An education program that exposes children to sensorial exploration and literacy, numeracy, science and cultural learning opportunities
  • Opportunities for children to investigate using natural materials and connect to the outside world
  • A strong commitment to the inclusion of children with additional needs
  • A partnership with Nature Play South Australia that promotes children’s development and builds resilience and risk taking
  • Alignment with a number of community organisations, including ‘Trees for Life’, to encourage community involvement
  • Positive workplace culture and organisational values that recognise and retain educators.

As a leader in the sector, Chancery Lane Montessori Pre-School shares its practice and learnings with other education and care services, helping to ensure their positive impact reaches beyond the children and families who access their service.

About the Excellent rating

Services that receive an overall rating of ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ can apply for the Excellent rating. The Excellent rating is awarded for three years. After this time services have the option to re-apply. 

More information is available on the ACECQA website.