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National Law and Regulations
Sections of the Education and Care Services National Law (National Law) or regulations from the Education and Care Services National Regulations (National Regulations).


Centre-based service
An education and care service other than a family day care service which includes most long day care, preschool and outside school hours care services that are delivered at a centre.


Birth to three
Children birth to three years of age.


Offences against the National Law that attract a penalty, for example a fine.


Family day care service
An education and care service that is delivered through the use of two or more educators to provide education and care to children and operates from two or more residences.


School age children
Includes children attending school in the year before grade 1, and above.


Authorised officers will sight documentation provided as evidence to support particular practices at the service (for example, records of attendance, enrolment records, policies and procedures, meeting minutes, safety checklists, newsletters, photos, collections of children’s work and documentation of child assessments or evaluations).


Authorised officers will observe what children, families, educators, co-ordinators and staff members are doing (for example, engaging in caring, friendly and respectful interactions).


Authorised officers will discuss why and how particular practices occur at the service, with the approved provider, nominated supervisor, educators, co-ordinators, family day care educators, assistants or staff members.
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