ACECQA Newsletter Issue 1 2018

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Guide to the National Quality Framework 

The Guide to the National Quality Framework (NQF) (February 2018 version) can now be ordered via the ACECQA secure online payment portal system.

While the option is available to order a copy, ACECQA encourages use of the online PDF. 

Minor updates have recently been made to reflect the revised National Quality Standard (NQS) from 1 February 2018. For example, some regulation references have changed. 

There’s also new guidance on notifying physical or sexual abuse, registering or engaging family day care educators and guidance on family day care venue approvals. A small change has also been made to the titling of the National Quality Standard and Assessment and Rating and Operational Requirements chapters (previously titled Part A and Part B).

The Guide is an important resource for education and care providers, authorised officers and other regulatory authority staff. 

Get ready for the 2018 NQS

A revised NQS will be introduced 1 February 2018 in all states and territories, including Western Australia. Find out more about changes to the National Quality Framework.

Guidance on Exceeding NQS

A key feature of the Guide to the NQF, which you might like to revisit, is information on what is expected at the Exceeding NQS level. From 1 February 2018, three themes will need to be demonstrated in service practice for a standard to be rated Exceeding. All standards within a quality area must be rated Exceeding NQS for that quality area to be rated Exceeding NQS. Read the National Quality Standard and Assessment and Rating chapter for guidance on each theme. You can also download:

An updated optional Quality Improvement Plan template is also available to allow you to tailor your service plan against the updated National Law and Regulations, as well as the revised standards and elements. Download the updated template on the ACECQA website as you prepare for the 2018 NQS.

Western Australia

Changes to the law and regulations in Western Australia will commence by 1 October 2018. In Western Australia, you may continue to use the old guides until the law and regulations change. The Operational Policy Manual is available on the Department of Local Government and Communities website

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