2.4 Amendment of service approval without application

National Law & Regulations

[ National Law, Section 55 ] The regulatory authority may amend a service approval at any time without an application from the approved provider. Amendment of a service approval may include varying a condition or imposing a new condition on a service approval.

Regulatory authorities may amend a service approval to reflect a change to the location of the principal office of a family day care service. See Operational Requirements – Governance and leadership for information about providers’ obligations to notify the regulatory authority.

After approval has been amended

National Law & Regulations

[ National Law, Section 57 ] The regulatory authority must give the approved provider written notice of the amendment. Amendment takes effect 14 calendar days after the approved provider is notified, or at the end of another period specified by the regulatory authority.

At the request of a relevant children’s services regulator, the regulatory authority must amend a service approval that relates to an associated children’s service, provided the request accords with the relevant children’s services law.

If the regulatory authority amends the service approval, it must give a copy to the approved provider.


National Law & Regulations

[ National Law, Section 190 ] A decision to amend a service approval is a reviewable decision under the National Law (see Reviews).