2.9 Surrender of service approval

The surrender of service approval means giving up service approval. Once surrendered, the person cannot operate the education and care service.

How does the approved provider surrender approval?

National Law & Regulations

[ National Law, Section 86 ] An approved provider can surrender their service approval by giving written notice to the regulatory authority.

The notice to the regulatory authority must specify a date on which the surrender is intended to take effect. The date of effect must be after the notice is given to the regulatory authority and at least 14 calendar days after parents of children enrolled at any services are notified.

Applications and notifications can be submitted to the regulatory authority online using the National Quality Agenda IT System on the ACECQA website at www.acecqa.gov.au.

Notification to parents

An approved provider must notify parents of children enrolled at the service of their intention to surrender the service’s approval. Parents must be notified at least 14 calendar days before the date of surrender is to take effect.