Element 3.1.2: Upkeep

Premises, furniture and equipment are safe, clean and well maintained.
National Law & Regulations

National Law and National Regulations underpinning Element 3.1.2

Regulation 103 Premises, furniture and equipment to be safe, clean and in good repair

What Element 3.1.2 aims to achieve

In education and care services, the upkeep of buildings, furniture and equipment impact directly on the safety of children and service staff. Every child has the right to be safe.

Upkeep refers to the responsibility of services to implement effective maintenance, cleaning and appropriate safety precautions, which also helps prevent injuries and the spread of infectious diseases.

Assessment guide for meeting Element 3.1.2 (for all services)

Effective upkeep


Assessors may observe:

  • premises, furniture and equipment that are safe, clean and well maintained
  • educators regularly conducting safety checks and monitoring the maintenance of buildings and equipment
  • educators following safety advice from recognised authorities and manufacturers when arranging equipment, furniture and experiences
  • areas used by children that are regularly cleaned.

Assessors may discuss:

  • schedules for cleaning all toys and equipment used by children
  • procedures for undertaking building and equipment maintenance at the service
  • the arrangements the service has for appropriate laundering of soiled items.

Assessors may sight:

  • documented procedures, correspondence and schedules relating to:
    • maintenance and safety checks
    • the cleaning of buildings, premises, furniture and equipment
    • adhering to manufacturers’ advice when using and cleaning furniture and equipment
  • documents that confirm equipment meets Australian Standards, for example for cots, other bedding equipment and accessories
  • risk assessments of the physical environment
Centre-based services
  • where relevant, a management plan that is in place to protect the safety of children, families and service staff while major work is occurring at the service.