Peak Sport and Learning TIGS has been awarded the Excellent rating

Date Awarded: 30 July 2021

Valid until: 29 July 2024

Peak Sport and Learning TIGS has been awarded the Excellent rating by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), the highest rating a service can achieve under the National Quality Framework.

The Out of School Hours (OSHC) Illawarra based service was recognised for its:

  • collaborative partnerships with professional, community or research organisations,
  • commitment to children that respects, reflects and celebrates culture and diversity, including place of origin,
  • positive workplace culture and organisational values, sustained commitment to professional development and support of educators,
  • practice and environments that enhance children’s learning and growth.

Examples of exceptional practice at the service include:

  • Implementing initiatives and programs in response to children’s needs, capabilities and strengths such as the Growth Mindset Program (GMP), encouraging children to employ a ‘growth mindset’ to foster love of learning, resilience and accomplishment and embedding the GMP in everyday practice and environments. The service acknowledges this initiative provides support for children in managing academic expectations through setting achievable goals and identifying appropriate strategies to meet them.
  • Embedding safe and smart behaviours into daily practice through the 'Peak 6 - centre philosophies' (children's philosophies). The philosophies are embedded through the service’s Health and Safety program that uses intentional activities to inform and empower children about their rights to a safe environment.
  • Developing collaborative partnerships with professionals and research organisations to improve children’s health and wellbeing by reflecting on evidence-based research and increasing children’s engagement in physical activity through intentional programs. The service has partnered with the University of Wollongong to participate in studies such as the ‘Healthy eating and physical activity environments in out-of-school hours’ and trialling the NSW Heart Foundation’s Eat Smart Play Smart (ESPS) App.
  • Implementing a specific Sport Skills Program each term, which aims to introduce children to a variety of sports and further develop their fundamental movement skills, team work and cooperation, and a positive attitude to sport through intentional weekly experiences.
  • Participating in the annual Shellharbour’s Lil’ Rascals 1km Dash event. The service acknowledges this initiative in promoting children’s health and wellbeing in the wider community by encouraging children’s and families’ participation, driving appropriate warm-up and cool down practices, and each educator role modelling and engaging the children in fun activities to encourage a love of physical activity.
  • Demonstrating an exceptional commitment to its staff members by supporting and encouraging educators to upskill and engage in targeted professional development through a sound inductions process, comprehensive reflective practices and ongoing training opportunities.

As a leader in the sector, Peak Sport and Learning TIGS inspires the wider education and care sector in promoting children’s health and physical wellbeing through its participation in research studies and actively sharing its practice and expertise during community events. These practices ensure that their positive impact reaches far beyond the children and families who access their service.

About the Excellent rating

Services that receive ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ in all seven quality areas can apply to ACECQA for the Excellent rating. The Excellent rating is awarded for three years. After this time services have the option to re-apply.