Assessment of early childhood qualifications under the NQF

'Early childhood' qualifications relate to the delivery of education and care to children preschool age and under. There are three types of early childhood qualifications:

If your early childhood qualification is not listed on the approved qualifications list you can apply to ACECQA to have it assessed for equivalence under the NQF.

This application is not for the purpose of, or related to, any migration or visa application process within Australia. If you require a Skills Assessment for migration purposes please see the Skilled Migration section of our website.


Assessment Requirements

ACECQA assesses applications against the Guidelines for the determination of equivalent early childhood qualifications. Applicants must read these requirements before submitting their application.

If you are concerned that you may not satisfy these requirements, you can seek general advice about the application process and assessment requirements before lodging your application. Please call 1300 422 327 or email the Qualifications Team at


Applying for an assessment

Step 2

Prepare the required supporting documentation for your application


Step 3

Begin online application and upload certified colour copies of requested documents



Final step

Pay and submit your online application


Application process

ACECQA will email you within 10 working days once your application has been received. We are committed to completing your assessment within 60 days from receiving all the information we require. If your application is missing information or documents, then the application process will be delayed.

Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence. ACECQA conducts thorough checking of submitted documents and will notify the relevant Australian Government Department and law enforcement agency where it has reason to believe that false or misleading information is provided..


After an assessment

Once your application has been assessed we will notify you of the outcome of your application by email.

If successful, you will receive a certificate by mail and will be able to work as a qualified educator in an approved education and care service in Australia. However this does not guarantee teacher registration or a job in Australia.

If unsuccessful, you will receive reasons for the decision. If you have additional evidence or believe that evidence provided with your application has not adequately been considered you can request a review.