Early childhood education and care program approval

ACECQA publishes the list of approved early childhood education and care qualifications for three types of early childhood educators under the National Quality Framework (NQF):

  • Early childhood teacher
  • Diploma level educator
  • Certificate III level educator

If you wish to apply for ACECQA approval of your program, you must first submit an application for program approval. A list of programs that have been submitted to ACECQA for assessment can be​ found at the Pending program assessment applications page.

How to apply for assessment

Step 1

Read the Requirements for early childhood teaching program assessments and Requirements for diploma and certificate III level program assessments

ACECQA assess applications against these requirements. Program providers should read these requirements before submitting their application.


Step 2

Provide the required supporting documentation for your application

You will be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Cover letter addressing the ACECQA Qualification Requirements
  • ACECQA's Curriculum specification mapping document
  • Evidence of TEQSA or ASQA Registration (or other overseas authority that registers training organisations)
  • Evidence of accreditation from the relevant state or territory Teacher regulatory Authority (if applicable)
  • Evidence of internal approval of the program (e.g. Institutions Academic Board)
  • Course outline and relevant unit/subject outlines
  • Course handbooks
  • Resources and references
  • Assessment documents
  • Information on entry requirements (including English language proficiency, advanced standing and approved student pathways)
  • Background and experience of key staff involved with course development and delivery
  • Evidence of evaluation (for re-approval of an ECT program approval)
  • Any additional material to support your application. This may include assessment requirements, professional experience handbooks and relevant policy documentation.


Step 3

Submit your application

What happens to my application?

ACECQA will email you within 10 working days to acknowledge receipt of your application and confirmation of payment. We are committed to completing your assessment within 60 days from receiving all the information we require. However, if your application is missing information or documents, then the application process may be delayed. 

Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence. ACECQA conducts thorough checking of submitted documents and will notify the relevant Australian Government Department and law enforcement agency where it has reason to believe that false or misleading information is provided.

How do I receive my outcome?

Once your application has been assessed we will notify you of the outcome of your application by email.

If successful, details of the early childhood education program will be added to the ACECQA approved qualification list for a five year period. If your program is pending approval from TEQSA or the relevant Teacher Regulatory Authority, the qualification will be added to the approved list when evidence of this approval is received.

If unsuccessful, you will receive reasons for the decision. 

Notification of minor change to an approved program

A minor amendment is a change that does not significantly affect the program or student outcomes. If you intend to make changes to your approved program, you must:

A new application will need to be submitted for any changes that affect student outcomes or the way the program meets ACECQA's assessment guidelines.