Early childhood teacher registration and accreditation

Some jurisdictions require early childhood teachers to hold teacher registration.

Acecqa – The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority

Registration is not a requirement for early childhood teachers (ECTs) under the National Quality Framework (NQF) but it is a requirement under some state and territory legislation.

See the table below for individual teacher registration or accreditation requirements in your state or territory, or contact your local teacher regulatory authority for more information.


State/Territory Teacher registration/accreditation requirements Teacher regulatory authority
ACT No registration requirements for ECTs in NQF settings that are not attached to an ACT school. ACT Teacher Quality Institute


From 18 July 2016 ECTs working in approved centre-based settings must be accredited  NSW Education Standards Authority
Northern Territory Registration is not required for all ECTs. However, preschools are attached to schools and as such require registration as a condition of employment. Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory
Queensland The Queensland College of Teachers does not require registration for ECTs in NQF settings. Some employers require teacher registration as a condition of employment. Queensland College of Teachers
South Australia Since 1976 all ECTs have been required to be registered. From 1 January 2014 all ECTs must be registered, including those working in NQF settings. Teachers Registration Board of South Australia
Tasmania Tasmanian kindergartens are part of Tasmanian schools and as such kindergarten teachers are required to hold teacher registration. Registration is not required for ECTs in NQF settings that are not kindergartens or schools. Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania
Victoria Since 30 September 2015 all ECTs employed or engaged in the role of an ECT in an early childhood and care service or Victorian Children's Centre must be registered. Victorian Institute of Teaching
Western Australia Since 6 December 2012 all ECTs must be registered. Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia


To work as an ECT under the NQF, you need to hold an approved early childhood teaching qualification. Check if your qualification is approved.