NQF approved qualifications list

You can find a list of approved and former approved early childhood teaching, diploma and certificate III level qualifications on this page. The list also includes approved first aid, emergency asthma and anaphylaxis qualifications.

See the list of qualifications for working with school age children (e.g. outside school hours care).

Read more about the qualification requirements and the differences between approved and former approved qualifications.

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If you are an educator with a qualification that does not appear on the below list, you can apply to ACECQA for individual recognition.

If you are a provider (e.g. university, VET provider) wanting to add a qualification to the below list, you can apply to ACECQA for this as well.

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PLEASE NOTE: this list is subject to change

Qualification Level Awarding Institution Qualification Name Qualification Code Date Awarded Where Qualification is approved Awarding Institution Country Important Information
FDC coordinator (Qld) Any training organisation or accredited higher education provider (click for examples) Any 2 year or higher (fulltime equivalent) human welfare studies and services qualification Any date before 1 January 2012 Queensland N/A Please see the separate list of former approved qualifications for family day care coordinators (in Queensland only) for examples of qualifications in this category: http://www.acecqa.gov.au/Family-day-care-co-ordinator-qualifications-fo…-
Diploma Edexcel BTEC National Diploma in Caring Services (Nursery Nursing) Any date before 1 January 2012 Queensland United Kingdom This qualification was previously assessed by the Queensland Government as being the equivalent to a Diploma qualification. Individuals seeking to work outside Queensland (or graduated after 1 January 2012) may still be eligible for recognition as a qualified educator if they apply to ACECQA for an assessment of equivalence.