Actively working towards a qualification

If you are 'actively working towards' an ACECQA approved qualification (certificate IIIdiploma or early childhood teaching (ECT))  you may be counted towards qualification requirements. 

Certificate III level

You can be counted towards meeting the certificate III level qualification requirements if you are: 

  • enrolled in an ACECQA approved qualification and have started study 
  • making satisfactory progress towards completing the course 
  • meeting the requirements to maintain enrolment. 

Diploma level

You can be counted towards meeting the diploma level qualification requirements if you can satisfy all of the above and one of the following: 

  • hold an approved certificate III level qualification OR
  • have completed the approved certificate III units OR
  • have completed 30% of the units in an approved ECT qualification.

‘Actively working towards’ provisions may not apply where a state or territory specific regulation is in place, including for services educating and caring for school age children. If you have any questions about this, contact your regulatory authority.

Please note that all family day care coordinators in Australia are required to have an approved diploma level education and care qualification and cannot be ‘actively working towards’ this qualification.

Actively working towards provisions apply under regulations 126(1) and 127 of the National Regulations

Taken to be an early childhood teacher

In June 2019, the Education Council agreed to extend regulation 242 of the National Regulations. Under regulation 242, you are ‘taken to be an early childhood teacher’ if you: 

  • are enrolled in an approved early childhood teaching qualification, and  
  • give the approved provider documentary evidence from the course provider that you: 
    • have started the course, and 
    • are making satisfactory progress towards completing the course, and 
    • are meeting the requirements for maintaining the enrolment, and 
    • hold an approved diploma level educator qualification, or have completed at least 50 per cent of the course. 

Regulation 242 does not apply in Victoria or if you are working in a centre-based service educating and caring for 30 or more children preschool age or under in NSW.

Regulation 242 is scheduled to expire in the ACT, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania on 31 December 2021.

Regulation 242 is scheduled to expire in the Northern Territory and Western Australia on 31 December 2023.

Once regulation 242 expires, an educator will need to have completed their ECT qualification to be considered a qualified ECT. However, educators ‘actively working towards’ an approved ECT qualification may still be counted as a certificate III or diploma level educator, depending on how much of the approved ECT qualification they have completed.