Quality Support Program

The NSW Department of Education, in partnership with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), is offering eligible services an opportunity to participate in a Quality Support Program.


About the Program

The Program offers free professional development and support, provided by ACECQA, which includes face-to-face visits, online training modules, workshops, follow-up online and telephone support and other resources to support quality improvement.

Available only to a select number of services, the Program will run for approximately 18 weeks for long day care, family day care, preschool, and outside school hours care (OSHC) services. For OSHC vacation care-only services, we will work with service providers to design support that fits their unique operating arrangements.

We are seeking expressions of interest to participate in the Program.

Why the NSW Department of Education and ACECQA are offering the Program

The Program will help services rated Working Towards the National Quality Standard (NQS) to improve on quality practice.

Our shared goal, over time, is that all services will meet or exceed the NQS as this will lead to improved outcomes for children and their families.

A summary of key findings and learnings from preliminary evaluation reports of the Program is available on the website of the NSW Department of Education.

Benefits for your service

The ACECQA Quality Support Program team will spend the time to understand your service's goals, what makes your service unique, and the areas your team has identified as priorities for improvement.

Your service will also work with ACECQA to decide on the professional development and support that best suits your service context.

By participating in the Program your service will benefit from:

  • advice and support to help improve on practice, increase understanding of the National Quality Standard, and prepare for your next assessment and rating visit  
  • professional development for educators which helps the service meet Quality Standard 7.2 for:
    • continuous improvement
    • educational leadership
    • development of professionals
  • opportunities to network and build positive working relationships with other educators and service leaders in your local area and throughout NSW.

Eligible services

The Program is being offered to long day care, family day care, preschool and OSHC services that meet the following criteria:

  • have received a quality assessment and rating resulting in an overall rating of Working Towards NQS
  • are currently rated Working Towards NQS.

Priority will be given to services that do not meet six or more elements of the NQS. Consideration will also be given to services with more elements not met, those in more disadvantaged areas, those rated Working Towards NQS for a period of longer than four years and/or have received this rating twice or more, and services operated by a single approved provider. Final approval for participation in the Program will be at the discretion of the NSW Department of Education.

Program requirements

There is no fee to participate in the Program, which is supported by the NSW Department of Education.

Your service's approved provider will need to:

  • nominate individuals to participate in the Program, such as the educational leader, nominated supervisor and/or early childhood teacher, or a representative of the approved provider
  • allow time off the floor for people to be involved in the Program and make arrangements so relevant service leaders are available to meet with an ACECQA support officer during any face-to-face visits to the service
  • ensure that any associated costs and arrangements for necessary travel and/or accommodation for relevant service leaders to participate in the Program's introductory workshop will be covered.

Your service representative will be asked to share some information upon request, such as a copy of the service's Quality Improvement Plan and latest assessment and rating documents.

    What if your circumstances change?

    We understand things can change after being accepted into the Program. In such a situation, we ask that you contact us with any updates so we can support your service to succeed in the Program. If you can’t continue, we may also be able to offer your place to another service.

    Register your interest

    Please complete the form to register your interest for a forthcoming round of the Program. Places are limited, so even if you are unsure, we encourage you to register your interest so we can ensure you are contacted when the next round of the Program is on offer.

    Contact Us

    Do you have questions about the Program? You can contact ACECQA’s Quality Support Program team by email at qualitysupportprogram@acecqa.gov.au or phone 02 8240 4255.

    The Quality Support Program experience

    Shared experiences of the Quality Support Program journey

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