In Home Care Quality and Safety Project

In Home Care (IHC) is a flexible form of early childhood education and care where an educator provides care in the child's home. It is restricted to families who can't access other types of approved care. It is out-of-scope of the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Acecqa – The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority
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The In Home Care (IHC) program provides flexible education and care in the family home. It is targeted to assist parents or carers who are unable to access other types of approved care such as those who work non-standard hours, are geographically isolated or families with challenging and complex needs. IHC plays a significant role in supporting children and families who may be experiencing vulnerable and disadvantaged circumstances.

IHC Support Agencies, providers, services, and educators have a responsibility to ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of the children in their care.


The Australian Government has engaged ACECQA to work collaboratively with the IHC sector to support the ongoing quality and safety of education and care.

What is being done?

Building on the strengths of the current IHC Program, ACECQA is working collaboratively with IHC Support Agencies, providers, services and current regulators to develop a refreshed national approach aligned with best-practice quality and safety standards. 

The enhanced approach will be supported by a professional development program to strengthen the capability of IHC educators, enable sustainable quality improvements and build communities of practice.

When is this happening?

ACECQA will be delivering this project over the next two years: 

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