National Quality Agenda IT System

An online tool offering providers secure direct communication with regulatory authorities, aiming to reduce paperwork and duplication

Acecqa – The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority

NQA IT System

On 2 April 2024 the system was upgraded and how you access the NQA IT System has changed. You must re-register as your old login details are no longer valid

This should be a quick process and ACECQA has published detailed instructions on how to register, how to link your provider accounts and how to add new users. These can be found in the NQA IT System Help Centre


Log in / Register for the NQA IT System

Benefits for our users

  • Secure Sign in - New multi-factor authentication helps to reduce the risk of unauthorised access.
  • Updated Portal - Streamlined and intuitive interface.
  • Mobile Friendly design - Responsive designed to work on modern devices.
  • Enhanced Help centre - New and improved Help Centre providing guidance on how to use the portal and easier tracking of technical support issues.

NQA IT System Help Centre

A range of guidance materials and help articles have been created to cover the NQA IT System Portal which can be found and searched within the NQA IT System Help Centre.

If you're experiencing technical issues using the NQA IT System and would like to request technical support, this can be done via the NQA IT System Help Centre.

Please provide as much information about the technical issue you are experiencing, as well as any appropriate screenshots. Don’t forget to include your 

  • Provider Approval Number (PR-XXXXXXX) and/or Service Approval Number (SE-XXXXXXXX)

Please note our technical support staff are not able to advise on the progress of an application or notification. For that information, please contact your regulatory authority